How I- May Have, Possibly- Unintentionally Healed Myself With a Quartz Necklace

by Oliver Merkt
(Wisconsin, USA)

So,two summers ago I was at a flea market, and like all moderately large flea markets, they had a hippie/new age both set up.

They had a variety of crystals points in pristine condition (crystal clear - pun absolutely intended- cut evenly and straight, and no cracks or chips), and were a wonderful price ($3 a piece, or $2.50 each if you bought three).

I bought a crystal quartz, rose quartz, and citrine quartz and went on my merry way. I made myself a necklace with the crystal quartz, even if it was a bit chunky.

I wrapped it in hemp cord and added some little metal feather charms, and wore it around frequently. Even dropping it did no harm. Several months later however, I was at a very low point in my life. I was struggling with my physical and mental health (various issues that I won't go into detail about; but yay, I'm getting much better now!) And I wore the crystal as often as I dared venture out of my home.

I began to notice something that struck me as odd: the cystal began developing milky white patches inside, and the inside looked somewhat like broken glass, full of odd shatters and fractures. Every time I got stressed and was wearing the necklace, I noticed the faults in that crystal had expanded a bit. Eventually, a tiny, nearly imperceptible crack appeared on one of sides; I would have thought it to be a scratch had I not felt the catch on my finger when I touched it.

Soon after that, the hemp cord broke, and I tucked the necklace away to repair, but never got around to it until, literally, just now. I just dug it up recently as I was in the process of organizing after moving out of my old place. When I found it, I thought what had happened to that crystal was odd, so I took to Google to see what I could find out about it.

What I found mostly related to crystal healing, but I hadn't even worn the crystal with that intention; it was supposed to be purely symbolic (and somewhat aesthetic). Perhaps I had somehow accidentally healed myself; or maybe I somehow damaged the crystal with exposure to something, or the binding was too tight. I'm not sure really, but I DO want to cleanse it somehow, and remake the necklace.

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