How Malachite Stone Changed My Life And Luck.

by Monica

4 years ago I was a non believer or I just saw stones as eye candy but now that I had a series of success stories, I am a truly convinced that a stone helped me out of a deep hole. To make a long story short, I lost my job up in northern Canada 4 years ago and it went from bad to worst. For months I was afraid to lose my house, was having trouble with my bf, could not find a job anywhere in my remote area and was not alowed any welfare help. I decided I was going to have to sell my good new winter coat and figure how to do it on ebay.

A friend gave me a Malachite meanwhile and told me to keep it in my wallet. After a couple of days my coat sold for more than It was worth so I decided to try selling more items and ever since I have been successfully selling online and putting money aside. Not only this but the same week I got the rock I also got a huge contract to teach Arts to children for a while.

I was not very qualified but I got the job, then I got more and more job offers that were popping out of nowhere which I had to decline cause I already was satisfied selling online. One day I lost my rock because there was a hole in my wallet and I was pretty upset.

I don't know if it is coincidence but things suddenly went downhill in the few weeks my rock was lost but the day I found it things started improving again. I am the happiest I have been in my life and have had such good luck since I have the stone.

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Malachite Does Have a Force
by: Anonymous

I purchased a malachite ring. My first experience with it. At the time I was experiencing bullying and stalking at work. When I use the bathroom to wash my hands I take off my rings. I lost the ring! I left it in the bathroom.

A day or two went by, and it turns out someone found it, took a huge close up pic of it, and sent an email to all the faculty. The angle, lighting and position of the pic was weird, it was almost as if it was communicating guardianship or protection.

I'd imagine all the employees who had been stalking and bullying me also say the pic, and what it communicated as well. Ultimately, I got the ring back and the conclusion drawn from this experience was that the malachite was sending a message to all those who were trying to intimidate me, to "leave me alone" He is protected!

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