I bought a Green Tourmaline pendant, at least that's what I thought...

by Lee

About 2006 I used to go to this esoteric gift store regularly, I loved it, they had all sorts of household decor items from around the world, books, stones and crystals and a nice range of jewelry in the counter case. One day I was drawn to this quite small green stone set in silver as a pendant and I decided I wanted to buy it and wear it, I didn't know what it was though.

I asked to see it and on the tag it said "Green Tourmaline". I purchased it, took it home, cleansed it and put it on and wore it for several years. The day I took it home I went and got my crystal reference book and looked up Green Tourmaline, read all about it and allowed myself to contemplate the energy of it and what may have been going on in my life that it came into it to help me at that point in time.

As I said, I then wore it for several years. Well much later I was at a totally different shop which was all stones and crystals and nothing else, I went there a lot too, and I was looking in a case and saw a bunch of Moldavite, some loose stones and some set in pendants.

I was drawn to it so purchased a couple of loose pieces plus two pendants and took them all home, being warned that it was very strong and to be careful. I read up on that and learned all about it, I decided to put one of the pendants on along with my Green Tourmaline and wore them both together.

It was some time later that I realized that the pendant I thought was Green Tourmaline was not that at all, it had been mislabeled and was actually also Moldavite (I had never seen an image of Green Tourmaline so didn't know what it looked like when I got the first pendant). LOL.

I did eventually find myself a Green Tourmaline crystal embedded in snow Quartz though, it's lovely.

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