I can't wear Amethyst!

by Amethyst Repeller

Hello, since I was a teenager (when I started getting interested in crystals etc) I've had so many pieces of amethyst jewelry break on me!

Even if I buy those cheap crystal bracelets on elastic - e.g. one of rose quartz and one of amethyst, and wear them together every day, the elastic snaps on the Amethyst within a week - but the rose quartz is fine - months and months later!

I have had handmade and machine made amethyst jewelry break, I've even fixed and re-fixed one I really liked. What do you think it means?

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by: Anonymous

I always have the worst day ever when I wear amethyst, and it is my birthstone.

Violet Flame
by: Ronald

I'd suggest you use other crystals that embody the Violet Flame energy just like amethyst, if they don't break on you. There are several of them that are just as wonderful, look for the section on the Violet Flame energy in this website.

Program them to resolve and heal any karmic accounts you may have had with amethyst, either in this lifetime or in past incarnations and continue to wear them. Ask the energy of the Violet Flame to heal your spirituality and soul and don't forget to thank them.

In the future, when you're ready to rebuild your relationship with amethyst, interact with it. Treat it as if it were alive and conscious. Express respect and gratitude for it. In fact we should be treating all gemstones this way.

Amethyst ring causes me to be depressed!!
by: Anonymous

I don't seem to be able to wear Amethyst crystal bracelet and ring. I feel depressed and stressed!!!!
I am born on 9 December. What does that mean? Thank you!

Glad to know I am not the only one.
by: Anonymous

I have a lovely Amethyst pendant that has been sitting in my jewellry box for a while. Somehow I cannot bring myself to wear it. I have tried wearing it several times around the house for a short period of time. But the first and last time I decided to wear it out and about, I was very uncomfortable the whole day. That let me to search online and brings me to your website. Also, Amethyst is not my birthstone; I just love the color.

Amethyst seems to be Kryptonite to me
by: Anonymous

It is such a beautiful and lovely crystal yet, whenever I wear it my energy drops.

I have a geode crystal as well and recently brought it out of the drawer I had it hidden in. "Gosh it is so beautiful I wonder why I hid it?" I thought and put it back out. Within two days things were just really down. Aha! I wrapped it up and put it away and things lightened right away.

It is such a lovely Gemstone and I am glad to know that I'm not alone. It makes me down, bummed, and lowers my energy. It is my metaphorical kryptonite I guess. I'm trying to find out why./p>

Maybe it is because I need to get grounded and more earthy, not sure.

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