I Have A Question.

by Jamie

Your list is very extensive so I haven't read about them all but what I have read they all seem to have a calming effect and a generic "healing" effect.

I need something, or a combination of things that will be stimulating mentally and physically.

I have lost my drive, desire, creativity, motivation, or in general my personal spark and love of life and the world around me. I have a constant brain fog I cannot shake.

I am often sleepy and don't do anything that is not mandatory or driven by someone else's need or desire. My brain is basically in "stand by mode" all of the time.

I have had depression for many years but this is new and different. My counselor agrees that this is not normal for depression nor my personality and I am doing everything right and am well as far as that kind of medicine is concerned.

She has encouraged me to look into other alternatives such as reiki. What can you recommend to wake me up and energize me physically and mentally. (My spiritual side is very strong and healthy so I don't need help there.) Thank you for your website and taking the time for my question. Jamie

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Are You Ungrounded?
by: Liz (Site Owner)

I guess as I was reading your post, the word 'brain fog' jumped out at me. Now there are a couple of possibilities, but I really did wonder if you are ungrounded. So take a look at this list and learn, are you ungrounded?

Now there are a number of ways to help you to ground yourself. Some well known ways are... eating food or hot drinks is said to help, walking on the earth also can help and I particularly find that there are some very good stones to aid grounding.

I have a few favorite crystals for grounding and there are many on the list. I recently wrote an article on Sphalerite, and its possibly one of the most potent to quickly ground you. I have a few new high vibration crystals, and have been using them extensively, and getting ungrounded. Using Sphalerite is extremely helpful, but Black Tourmaline is also another great stone to use.

As well there is another thing to consider that is nothing to do with crystals. I personally get brain fog, when I have contact with certain chemicals, because I am chemically sensitive. .

I had to laugh at the way you began and its just so true. What you said that there are so many stones that are calming and aid healing. Its absolutely true and they just work so well!

Reiki is a wonderful idea too, and I regularly use reiki on myself if I feel I need to. Another great tool is EFT or meridian tapping. What is wonderful is that you can combine all these things together and they all work well.

All the best Liz

Put Rose Quartz under your mattress.
by: Janice Suria

Try placing a little tumbled rose quartz under the mattress at the heart area. Someone I know did this for another person and she had more energy, less fatigue, not tired as hell and grumpy the next day, less critical, and much more herself.

Try it and see what happens. After that place a Clear Topaz under the pillow or at head under mattress, but clean them once a month. Then after that use a Bloodstone as a grounding stone around the knees's or feet area under the mattress, or under the back. That's good for Iron/Adrenals.

It's your diet
by: James

The number one thing you can do is stop eating meat. The negative vibrations of animal flesh go into your body and you take on those negative vibrations. If you move to a plant based diet, you will see an amazing shift in your mood, thoughts, and state of mind. I suggest programming an amethyst crystal to help you break your addiction to meat.

(What synchronicity, the code I have to enter at the bottom of this page is "celery")

Look at your blood
by: Tash

Hey jamie! It does sound very likely that it is your diet. I have been feeling similar for months if not years - at new year I gave up caffeine and sugar and I could barely move! Constantly exhausted, needing a nap or two every day (I have never been a napper) couldn't think straight, awful brain fog, I couldn't concentrate or process information, zero motivation etc it was like caffeine and sugar were the only things that had been keeping me on my feet for years.

I hate going to the doctor but I caved in and got my bloods done and it turns out I am severely deficient in ferritin, folate, b12 and D - all of which have strong links to depression and fatigue. I'm not bashing crystals at all and I think they can support and help you in many ways but shouldn't be used in place of proper medical advice and well balanced nutrition and it's so important to make sure that you are getting all the nutrition you need to be able to function.

Low vitamins can cause and lead to so many problems it's just not worth the risk.
Also I'm afraid with a name like Jamie I'm not totally sure if you're a girl or a boy, but if you're the former blood loss every month will really not help if you're anemic. So get your bloods looked at, make sure you supplement if necessary and use crystals, reiki etc with them to help you back on your feet faster. Hope you feel better soon.

Peace X

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