I Have Two Questions

by Neil
(Saudi Arabia)

Hi, I have some questions to ask about crystals. So I decided to number them:

Question 1: Aside from fire agate what crystals can be used to bounce back or deflect negative energy back to the sender?

Question 2: I have crushed (powdered) crystals of small amounts, do you think the powdered crystals would still work and retain their energy or are they useless already?

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Stones To Deflect Negative Energy
by: Liz, Site Owner & Writer

Hi Neil

In addition to Fire Agate, there are three other stones that send negative energy back to where it came from.

Bronzite does this rather well, but the energy will bounce back to you and keep bouncing back and forth until it dissipates.

Black Jade is another helpful stone that was worn in the past as a talisman against evil influences. It is known to stop entities from attaching to your energy field.

The third stone is one that I use along with Fire Agate, a stone called Pyrolusite. There is only one problem in that these stones are very brittle, and if kept on the body will break apart. I have obtained a pendant that is Pyrolusite in Quartz, and this is not fragile, and works well. Pyrolusite in Quartz may not be as easy to obtain.

This brings me to your second question, about powdered crystals. These could be used to make crystal elixirs, using the method where there is glass between the stone and the water.

The only thing I would wonder is how you know what the powdered stone is. It seems if you have access to the stones, why would you use the powdered stone?

If this powder is made from stones that are toxic it could be dangerous to handle so I would be very careful using them.

All the best. Liz

Powdered stones
by: Neil

I use these stones for making my all purpose necklace and I'm planning to put 30 powdered kinds of gemstones and metals in it.

Negative Energy
by: Milan

From my personal experience, the best way to protect yourself from negative energy is combination of black tourmaline and Bronzite. It will break down the circle of negative energy circulation between two points ( person, group of people, past life, etc.)

Additional protection you can get from petalite or some high vibration quartz, like Tibetan quartz for example, but in a different way. They can protect you simply by connection you with higher levels of existence.

I can't tell you anything about crushed crystals, but I guess it depends on a kind of crystal.

Is pyrolusite also called dendritic?
by: Elly

hello, I have a problem how to recognize pyrolusite in quartz. Is this also called dendritic quartz?

I can never find pyrolusite in quartz, I do find dendritic quartz defined pyrolusite dendrites.

Is all the dendritic pyrolusite?

And in Merlinite I also find fractal inclusions like dendritic.

Help me
by: Anonymous

I've got some crystals recently and first really strange. I share it's a real head crystalized they have been used for something bad. I can tell also responsible has been happening in my house and beyond some shed a bit of light please

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