I Love My Stones!

by RainMan
(Phoenix, AZ)

My Babies

My Babies

Hi. I'm a 49 yr old Black Male. I'm not exactly new to crystals/stones, as I studied with the Rosicrucians (A.M.O.R.C.) back in the late 90's.

I met my wife and discovered she also wore and carried around different stones; but when we answered the call to keep Sabbath and Feasts, we were led to believe that anyone "dabbling" with stones/crystals is studying witchcraft, and would invoke the wrath of God.

So we ceased carrying the stones, and threw them out, believing we were doing the right thing. Long story short- my vibrant wife became depressed not too long after, and things were in an upheaval for a while.

Finally this past month I've been feeling the call to stray outside of what I was led to believe, and seek enlightenment for myself and family; and I was led right back to the crystals. I should mention that my wife and I are both used to heal. It manifested with the dogs, then to one another.

I told the wife what I felt about getting crystals again, and she was so happy you could feel it. We immediately started researching, and I decided on the Blue Tiger's Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Amethyst, Selenite, Black Kyanite, Tanzanite and Citrine.

I couldn't wait to get my stones. When I did I washed them in sea salt, washed them off, and sun charged them for an entire day along with my water. When I got them in my hands, and rubbed and shook them, I could immediately feel my body get hot. Like uncomfortably hot. I felt like I wanted to vomit for about 20 mins.

I placed them in a pouch and put them in my pocket. That seemed to alleviate the ferocity of the nauseous feeling. After about 1/2 an hour, I began to feel better. I have more energy, and I feel more... spiritual, for lack of a better word. I just feel very connected to everything. Along with my intonations and listening to binaural beats, things are quickly happening to me at an alarming rate.

Ever since I received them 3 days ago, I've slept with them under my pillow at night, and had them on my person during the day. Last night I had a particularly difficult time falling to sleep. My body felt electrified, but I finally dozed off.

However, the entire time I was seeing flashes of electricity or some type of energy going on behind my closed eyelids. I was not fully asleep cause I could feel the energy moving around. Then it felt like my entire chest was buzzing and vibrating. I ran to the mirror to see if anything was going to pop out of my chest because the buzzing was coming from there.

Then from the top of my head to literally the soles of my feet it felt like energy was passing up and down on the inside of my body, and I gripped the edge of the sink and prayed. It wasn't a bad feeling, just an overpowering one. Once the electricity stopped flowing I felt peace and a purity in my heart. It almost looks like I'm looking through a beam.

I removed the stones from under my pillow because I was still buzzing, but somehow I managed to fall into a fitful, though restful sleep - as I was up to walk our 5 dogs, and then go on an hour, 15 min walk with the wife.

We need the crystal energies. God gave them to us for a purpose, to heal us completely. Imagine the savings on doctor's office visits, and the chemicals they prescribe that kills this shell as well as affects our energies, if we were knowledgeable about crystal healing as a nation, and as a world.

I'm so grateful for this site. God Bless you Liz, and when I get paid, I'm gonna drop a little something to you. You deserve it. You've made an otherwise difficult research so very easy.

Blessings- Rainman

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Crystals are a gift from God
by: Ela

I truly do believe God gave us the stones. I am perfectly aware of the fact that some priests and some Churches less or more rejects them, for witch craft. Yet I do not believe this is true.

Let me tell you why: if they were evil, why was the foundation of the Jerusalem wall upon 12 precious stones and crystals? Why are they mentioned in the Bible? Why was King Solomon wearing them?

And was why the Holy Grail made of Moldavite? A green stone (emerald) came from the sky (at that time all the green stones were emeralds but this one particularly came from the sky, the Moldavite).

My strong belief is that when people of power in the past, when they decided what books to include in the Bible and what to exclude, chapters and so on (we know now that The Bible was heavily censored). At that time they decided to remove crystals powers as they wanted control over the masses. They did not wanted ordinary people to benefit from them. We know how dark were the Medieval times and others, how difficult for everybody else except ''Blue Blood'' ones.

So yes, removing crystals from the life of ordinary people (the ones in power ALWAYS used them, Cardinals, Holy Kings etc ALWAYS had LOTS of stones around) was an act of control, not God's will.

Yes, they can be used to do good or to amplify the evil, but this depends on each one of us, God will judge anyone according with its actions and heart. But he is the one that gave us this miracle, because it is said that no leaf is moving on this Earth without God's will. So of course stones are His will too! May he bless us all.

I am Christian and a believer, but I do not believe blindly everything people of power say and looking at their lives we can see why. Because what they did altered God's will in accordance with their will. I am in search for the truth and if I feel peace and ease with crystals and to spread only good, crystals cannot be bad :)

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