Incompatible Crystal Combos???

by Edu

Hello Liz. Some say that certain crystal combinations may be incompatible. That some crystals may nullify each other properties or even have disharmonious effects, making people who wear the combo a little incommoded by it.

Many say that some astrological relationships of the gemstones may clash and cause disharmony. While this works well in theory, in practice the bibliography about astrological relationship between gemstones is mostly conflicting and poorly explained, making it of little use.

Practical and intuitive knowledge them becomes necessary to really know which gemstones really work well together. Can you make a list of the most "gross" gemstones combos, or even just some guidelines, that usually don't work well together?

I know that some gemstones like emerald, moonstone or malachite tend to be more "picky" about who they share the aura with, while others tend to be more "easy going". Do you know other examples?

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Crystal combos
by: Swanand

I am experienced with a lot of stones and quartz... and there are various factors to consider when using them. First, we need to ensure they are properly cleansed and charged. Different stones are useful mostly when placed on the chakra centers where they are in tune. To feel the vibration and benefits a lot from them, depends on the type, size and weight. For instance, holding sphere ball form, one will surely feel the lift of one's vibration and sensation of wellbeing(>=100grams).

Clear quartz are very good and wont decieve you if you have a terminated one which when placed on the third eye, will literally clear the nostrils and one can breathe equally through both. So, it can be a great asset when doing breathing exercise. Also, it increases the vibration of other stones. So try to have a piece of clear quartz together with another stone in your pouch to keep during the day and to check the vibration.

Am a sagittarius but my ascending sign is taurus, and I usually experiment with rose, carnelian and tiger eyes. The rose quartz especially, I have a big chunk(>1lb) and when hold it with both hands during meditation, I feel nerves 'craking' like effervescence in my head and feel lighter and joyful. I usually keep labradorite, nuumite, shunguite and astrophylite on me during work in the day and I feel to perform at my best. However, we cannot adopt a routine and we need to keep on changing things and adopt new perception because simple logic doesnt work straight. Bearing this in mind, one needs to broaden one's insight and clarity as life goes on.

Concerning the chakras there are 4(the lower ones) at the back of your body too, hence, if you can placed the stones there at the same time on your front together with a pointed terminated quartz, one will eventually feel pranic current moving thereby raising one's vibration and enhancing one's feeling of joy.

There are a lot to experiment and try to dig a bit more while experiencing.

by: Anonymous

I have an amethyst and red garnet bracelet but I am not sure if I should bring it to addictions treatment with me. I have lots of other crystal jewelry that I wear in particular green garnet, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, tiffany stone, amethyst and halite but separately I also just got a apache tear as well. Help I am so lost!

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