Interesting Experience With Covellite

by Carla
(Indialantic Fla)



I’d never heard of this crystal until I started researching for a crystal meditation to clear out past negative experiences & energies I might be holding onto. I discovered a deep cleansing meditation using 3 powerful crystals- Covellite, Dioptase and Shungite.

From the first moment I saw the Covellite crystal I was intrigued. It is a gorgeous round tumbled stone, black w/indigo & gold shimmery spots. It was like I could sense it’s power……so mysterious. It took a very long time to clear, even though sellers claimed it was pre-cleaned.

Apparently it was likened to a powerful vacuum removing all past neg energy debris, attachments..etc. It sat on my kitchen table for weeks while I waited for the other 2 stones. As I walked around the house doing daily chores old memories kept popping into my head. Times when I’d been hurt but hadn’t thought about for years. After awhile I realized the Covellite had already started working by itself!

I didn’t even have to be near it…….it’s a serious stone and gets right to work!! So I highly recommend it if you want to do some energetic house cleaning. Impressive!

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