Is Baja Desert Glass from Mexico the same as Libyan Desert Glass?

by Shawn London
(Baja Mexico North )

Baja Desert Glass

Baja Desert Glass

My story is about a Desert Glass that challenges known facts about where Libyan Desert Glass can be found. My story may be a bit short but still it is worth hearing. I live in Baja Mexico on the pacific coast side close to the border of San Diego California. I recently went out riding my motorcycle in the sand dunes here in Northern Bajs at a place called Cantamar.

This is where the pacific jet-stream (the continuous stream of wind that blows from way up north to the south) collides with the jet-stream that blows from the southern point of baja north. It causes giant sand dunes to form along the beach, stretching inland only about a mile.

When you stop in the middle to take a look ahead or behind, you still feel lost and all alone in a vast desert with only sand to be seen in all directions... except I did see something else! In fact the reason why I stopped in the first place, was this blinding light that kept reflecting off something in the sand. It was like someone was trying to blind me with a mirror or something

So I got off my bike, and walked towards the reflecting object, only expecting it to disappear like the the puddles of water that you constantly see up ahead, only to have them vanish the closer your approach. But I was wrong, so, bending down I picked up the piece of glass and knew exactly what it was, except I was nowhere near Libya, so how do you explain this piece of glass here... see picture attached.

I now wonder if its time to rewrite the name of this stone. Is Libya the only location where this yellow stone is found? It also makes me wonder if its really formed the way scientists believe. The odds of a big enough meteor hitting here and causing the same glass is very slim to say the least. Interesting?

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