Is Holley Blue Agate considered a Violet Flame stone?

by Lavender Holley

Sorry, I hope this is okay to ask here. I cannot find the info anywhere on Google. I'm still confused as to what Holley Blue Agate does, metaphysically speaking. Does it make you spaced out or sleepy? Or is it safe to wear as jewelry during the day?

Are lavender stones part of the Violet ray/flame? What about Iolite? (It's more blue) Are ALL purple/-lish crystals or stones part of the Violet flame spectrum? (Meaning can all purple stones including H.B.A be used to invoke the Violet Flame/St. Germain just as well as sugilite is supposed to?)

Please note: my main question is about the Holley Blue Agate, which btw is NOT blue at all, it's lavender!! What are the benefits/metaphysical or magical properties of H.B.A, please?

I would be disheartened if someone replied about the others and ignored H.B.A as I feel it is a special category, not an agate, not really a chalcedony (though it looks very much murky and eerie like a chalcedony, and not at all like an opaque agate).

Liz, would LOVE for you to make a page on this gorgeous stone, Holley Blue Agate! (Sorry I use stone for crystal, interchangeably.) Thanks in advance and crystal dreams and blessings to all!

(PS: really really miffed that so many people online call it "Holly" or "Holy". The city/area it's from is spelled Holley!) :)

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About Holley Blue Agate
by: Liz Oakes (the founder and author of articles on this site)

Regarding Holley Blue Agate. I have written a short paragraph about this stone on the alpha group page relating to stones starting with H.

You can find it on this page. I wrote this a few years ago when obtained a couple of pieces of this stone. What I recall is that the stones had a quite spiritual energy, so they may be useful for violet flame healing.

They are a unique shade of blue I agree with a lovely lavenderish blue color. Its interesting that they are not called Holley Lavender Agate, which perhaps would be more accurate.

While I may write about it in the future, I moved not long after I wrote about this stone on that page. So I packed up my crystals for the move and as I live in a smaller house now, many are still packed away. So until I find the stones again I won't be writing about it.

I have many stones yet to write about and may hopefully get to it one day.

My suggestion would be to use the stone in meditation and call on the healing energy of St Germaine to see if it is possible that he will come through and aid your healing.

St Germaine healing vibration is a potent aid for healing. Although violet flame stones will boost the possibility of bringing the energy through, the main thing that helps is your intention. I suggest that you call on the energy during meditation with the strong intention that it will be successful.

All the best with your healing.

Love and light Liz

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