by Graham

Hi Liz,

Thanks for this great website. I'm looking for a crystal that is lavender in colour. The problem is, I must be a bit colour blind because I just can't seem to pick out which crystal is the nearest to this colour!

Which do you think has the most lavender, and is readily available?


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Lavender crystal
by: Alice

As I read your post...I thought of Lepidolite in rough form.


Thanks Alice

Lilac lepidolite can be in that color, in rough or tumbled stone. The rough is lovely though, and also the Lepidolite mica sheets are also that color.

Other lavender stones include many lighter Amethyst stones, and there are quite a few lovely fluorites that are a lighter purple. This includes lavender fluorite itself.

Just looking in my cabinet I see some lavender rose quartz, but it is a more pinky lavender. Also the amethyst colored spirit quartz is a mutely purple.

There are lots of stones in the pink color range and some are lavender pink.

Hope that helps


by: Anonymous

There's actually a crystal called Lavender. It's also known as Lavender Quartz or Cape Amethyst.

by: Cora

Today, I landed on a phosphosiderite page that caught my eye; they were all lavender. I just saw there's a page here on this wonderful website about it. Hope this helps. :-)

Holley Blue Agate
by: Cora

Hi again,
Last time I forgot about Holley Blue Agate. I have some of this and mine is very lavender; it is a beautiful translucent crystal, quite rare, from Oregon. I have no idea why the color is named blue because none of it that I have seen has any blue in it. You can still find some that is quite affordable.

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