Law Of Vibrational Attraction

by Chris
(Isle of Wight)

Hi Liz, I have been conducting my own real world real time experiments for the past three years. I have been patiently studying sciences (Cymatics) Art (Geometric) and other stuff. I use two Labradorite spheres and one Selenite Sphere to help me unlock mysteries, solve puzzles and seek solutions. I live at home with my Mum, and my girlfriend lives close by. I have worked out that all three of us have damaged base chakras, and all three of us have suffered with broken hearts through bereavement.

Harmony is very important to me particularly at home. However on the surface my Mum and girlfriend are very different people but subconsciously they are very similar. They both suffer from being insecure & jealous & like to take pot shots at each other. Its very juvenile.

So I brought Chrysocolla stones and gave them 2 each, and things have improved loads. I think this is because crystals change our Biomagnetic electric induction field or our frequency which has to change our cymatic readout. I am also using good words more often as recommended by Dr Emoto such as Imagine, Gratitude & Thank you.

I feel this collective knowledge is humanity's best way to heal thyself. I think its true that we have to understand that we all belong to each other. Also I have a mate who owns a crystal shop & I see him once a week. Whatever I'm doing with crystals he does the same or similar. Now what's strange is we do not discuss it. However I have a huge Selenite tower & on top I have a blue Obsidian Pyramid & at the front I have a Lapis heart. I feel that this is telepathic.

Thing is I'm not too sure how it makes the psychic telepathic calls but bioelectromagnetics appear to play a part in all of this. Put simply I think our Auras subliminally communicate to one another & because we are radio antennas & transmitters full of codes like DNA, religion, language etc & when we interact with another it is really a sort of mirror.

So when you factor all this in it does appear that like attracts like but to really understand this I had to peel off loads of layers of ego code. I hope you found this information about the Law Of Vibrational Attraction interesting & thought provoking.

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