by Cecilia

I'm feeling a bit weirded out. This morning, against my better judgment I ended up spending too much. I decided to visit the "lab instruments shop" run by the neighborhood geologist whom I suspect is an undercover new-ager. He was displaying a new shipment from Minas Gerais. After passing over the amethysts, I felt drawn to a smoky quartz and a Mexican selenite. (I was actually in the market for a labradorite, having found out it was the birthstone I held in common with both my mother and my dad).

I also had rational reasons for buying the selenite, but Smoky called out the loudest. It was the most curious-looking thing. It was almost an amethyst, but practically blended into the citrine shelf. Shaped like a wand, it seemed to have the hieroglyph of either a sitting man or a flamingo, depending on your viewing angle. (Looking at the photo just now, there even seems to be a pharaonic eye).

So I paid the 9 bucks as the price for my curiosity, only noting later that the third side of the hexagonal "obelisk" (it really looked like an obelisk) was striated. There was another striated band that had either been cut-off or broken, but where it had broken, there seemed to be a pattern of dots and bubbles like the "starseed" photo.

Hence, the newbie question: is this what you call Lemurian?

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Follow up to this
by: Cecilia

I'm learning that you figure out some stones and others figure you out.

Meditation drew a zilch but it's probably my own fault. I've always felt claustrophobic descending into delta with what scientists call "inanimate objects", even under safe biofeedback machine conditions. I have no problem with alpha and beta, but my first teacher used a metal and the experience sort of traumatized me. Thankfully this doesn't affect my love for crystals.

It was new moon, so I decided to set up a party, primarily to introduce a new golden tektite into my circle. I used Smoky as the Master of Ceremonies and broadcast my love into the circle of stones. After the session, when I had put most of the cast away, I picked up the tektite and the quartz, one in each hand. They began to "dance" with each other, pulling my arms in all directions.

I'm a taichi practitioner and "speak" the body language. These were all "correct" movements. (First you have to understand that taichi was devised to correct those movements we learn in life that cause us pain and disease - you have no idea how unnatural we are under social conditioning). Not many of them, however, were in the simple canons, and if I had let them, I don't doubt they would have taught me the footwork - practice is also about proper weight-shifting. Unfortunately, this requires more space than I had at the time.

I think I'm going to have a very good experience with these two who partnered together. Thank the stars that for people like me there is such a thing as meditation in movement.

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