Lost and confused about stone abilities & can't find specific info I need

by James Mckee
(Matoon IL USA)

Heads up, I'm a little tired so please pardon any grammar errors.

Well... like the title says I'm a little lost and confused, but not on the topic of what each stone does to a persons body, but more specifically about my body and my American Indian heritage.

Well this might take a while so go and get a snack and I'll tell you my story about it.

To start off with I have been connected to stones ever since I can remember by that I mean I can tell if one was a fake or real just by being in range of the stone. The range is about a foot max and about 3 inches minimum. How I can tell if they are fake or real is not by looking at but by how much pain or that tingly feeling when you touch those electric static orgs.

When I was younger I didn't notice it at all because I was more connected with my heritage of being a native american. My fave stone to touch when I was a kid were sapphires because its my birth stone. My childhood friend had a big collection of stones that he got from his family, and when I was younger I was always sensitive to spirits that gift ranged from seeing them to feeling their pain.

As I got older I stopped being me and tried to fit in, due to low self esteem and I slowly lost my connection over the years. Now I can only feel presences.

Now to more modern times, I went to cil-con last year its a local con ranging from paranormal to anime and gaming. The place that was hosting the event had several stalls of crystals at all of the entrances. At first I didn't notice anything but as I stood over each booth to look at the selection my head started to hurt along with back and legs so I went to a booth that I agreed to help run for a while expecting to get better.

Sadly that never happened, the more I stayed there the bigger my headache became all of the other symptoms disappeared shortly after I left. A few days after the event I walked in to the same location to look at stuff from radio shack and deals from payless shoes and the residual energy gave me one bad headache.

So I asked my step father who is sensitive to things like this, and his reply was he didn't know. The thing that came to his mind was since I'm half native american and half white and on my mother's side she has shaman and medicine man on her grandmothers side that maybe I inherited some of the recessive abilities from them.

I know some are going to ask this "why don't you go ask you father"? Well as soon as he found out he ran off.

So I can't ask him and even if I did he would not talk about that stuff because he is ashamed of his heritage. I tried to find info on what chakra stones does to native Americans.

So far my info has been blank because the search engine give info on anything but. So I'm trying to do the next big thing and that is make a kit and experiment and also take note.

If there is a person reading this who is similar to me I would love some input. The first stone on my list just out of sheer coolness is red tigers eye. One person who I met at the con who saw me looking a little light headed and asked if i was ok, I said yes and no and they wanted more info, so I told them what happened.

She thinks that I might complete imbalance because she asked me if I had to rate the pain of being around the crystal booths for a 1 to 5 min length (Thats how much time it took me waiting in line just to look at them and read the little info card because I never had time to read about gems and crystals because growing up I spent most of my life moving from town to town due to my mothers job)

I said it was like a 10 mixed with someone trying to split me open with jack hammer and that is just my head along the other parts of my body felt like I was swimming laps in a pool.

She asked if this has ever happened and I said no not to this extent because most when I was younger touching real stone gave me an energy boost similar to 5 hour or a can of monster.

Then she asked me if I had a huge jump in stress or life changes and I joked around and said the usual puberty and high school problem and I went from loving myself to hating myself in order to fit in and went back to loving myself.

She thinks somewhere between the loss of identity and found identity that might have messed up everything.

So if anyone has any thoughts on what stones I should get for my kit I would love to hear. I know some are going to ask if I know how to meditate and yes I do. Back in my stupid kid years I had anger problems and meditation was taught to me from my step-dad to help me control my anger. Side note even meditation causes me to have a bad headache and according to my step dad and the person at the con that is not normal so any info would be great.

Outside of the stuff above I plan to buy loads of stones because they are so pretty and I think that they would make great gifts.

If anyone wants more info please leave a first name and a question related to this post. Thanks for reading and have a good day or night.... James

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Reach Out to a Fellow Native
by: Anonymous

I absolutely am intrigued with your story. My aunt is a reiki healer who travels from reservation to reservation when she can, and some latent abilities has been passed down in our family too.

I've collected stones since I was a child. Sometimes I would just feel a draw to them, and now I work with them in various ways. Always learning though.

I would like to open up communication with you through email though and let you know what I know on the matter and even give some reading suggestions :)

by: James

Thanks for the help.

by: James

Sorry I forgot to add that yes I would like to talk thru email and due to rules on this site I can't post my email.

But you can find me on facebook just type james mckee and you will find a picture of kiss the band or my facebook group site called shamtora productions.

I'm using facebook to help out my youtube review channel. It would help if I knew your name anon so that way I know who's trying to contact me.

Lost and Confused gave me an epiphany
by: Anonymous

Hi there!
Unfortunately, I don't have much to say that would help you with your story. However I want to say that something you said was a bit eye opening for me.

Lately I myself have been drawn to crystal work. I never really was before and I've never been very spiritual until the last 6 months or so. I've had social anxiety issues for a long time that mostly include me thinking that everyone hates me and thus creating a self fulfilling prophecy to where I have a hard time making and keeping friends.

When you mentioned that you went through a time where you were trying to change yourself for others and then hated yourself for awhile, it instantly made me think of how often in high school I tried to adjust how I acted so that people would like me. Or how often I would do something I was uncomfortable with to make others like me.

There were only a few people that I felt I could be my true self with but sometimes I wonder if parts of my true self are still missing. In learning about crystals, I have felt more myself in the last 6 months than I have in a long time. But lately I have still felt that something is blocking me from feeling healed.

That AHA! I felt when I read about your experience might be a place to start. Thank you!!

I just had to say this
by: Cecilia

What an amazing story! I felt your pain.

You know, if you don't feel comfortable with meditation for one reason or another (don't do it to please us!) there are these ergonomic thumb-pieces some people recommend to relieve stress. But what am I saying, basically most tumbled stones are ergonomic to the touch. You could do with any pebble that attracts you.

I think the stone will call to you.

Particularly after you've taken a deep breath. It helps. And you're not alone.

Around the Mediterranean (that's around where I live), some men are in the habit of using worry-beads. (Yes, men, I tried it and they looked funny at me, the chauvinists!) They say it helps them relax. It may have come from a kind of rosary, but for them now it's practically a plaything. You might find the type in a shop that sells Greek stuff - or you might want to make one yourself. It keeps the hands busy and puts the mind at rest. And they do some spectacular tricks as well! The sound, for one, is relaxing, like that of an abacus. And you could work it out from there.

Glad I could help and thanks for reading
by: James

For those who have read and replied thanks in advance. I have done meditation and it helps out when it comes to headaches. Sorry in advance for the grammatical errors. I have been working early morning shift at my local university and lets just say that a night person and a early morning shift don't mix, but it's a paycheck.

I have started my own stone collection. So far I have tigers eye, an amethyst pendent that I wear when I can that goes well with my rose quartz, rhodonite, and another quartz that is just a tumbled stone.

My mother got me some gem pendents at a local yard sale and I'm having a real hard time trying to figure out what they are. Planning on buying more of both pendant and tumbled stones. I found out it is calming when I polish the stones or carry one of the non-pendent ones with me. Now if only I can find a real sapphire and not one made out of glass!

How curious!
by: Cecilia

Sapphire is my stone for the day. I'm sending you energies to help a sapphire find you (yes, find you - knowing it will be treated perfectly well).


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