Malachite effects of positive and negative

by Theia

As much as Malachite is known to be helpful in growth and protect against certain negative; it brings out the inner you, be it negative or positive.

I was going through a rough time couple of months ago, hence was introduced to Malachite. However, due to the reason that I'm not very good at programming crystals, the negativity was brought out and words/thoughts came out more abusive.

Before things spiral down, I got my friend to re-program the malachite, and had to avoid wearing them, unless I wore crystals such as Tigers Eye that are able to cancel the "negative" effects.

From then on, everything seems well, I feel more positive and less abusive. Therefore, I strongly recommend that people who seek to "grow out from their old ways" using Malachite, to monitor the effects and try to add on crystals that can amplify positive thinking.

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by: Milan

Malachite is the only one crystal I would never use no matter how beneficial it can be. Malachite absorbs all kinds of energy, not only from person who works with malachite, but even from other crystals you have.

If you want to keep your malachite, I would place it near fully charged clear quartz, hematite, tiger's iron, tiger's eye.

Malachite with irregular darker bands can be even more difficult to use and program for specific purpose. I am sure some people have only good experiences with this crystal, but I never had.

Malachite under pillow
by: Emily

I have been sleeping with Malachite under my pillow and I have been waking up refreshed and feeling positive. And I can remember my dreams. I feel if I work hard to be positive it amplifies that. I really love working with this crystal. I also keep a smoky quartz with it to help ground and dispel and fears.

by: Karin

In the past I could not be nearby Malachite. Lately it is OK. As long as it is not too near, and not on my body.

It completely works not emotional calming for me. On the contrary. Not even when cleansed, programmed correctly and with grounding stones added.

I was reminded the hard way about this. Took me some time to find out. Removed the Malachite and within half a day I was feeling much better.

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