Moldavite and the Doors of Perception and Change

by Doron
(New York City)

I want to personally thank you for this website. About a week and a half ago I read your entry on Moldavites. That same day, I went out and bought one. I did a quick clearing of the crystal and within MINUTES, not days, not weeks, synchronicities started happening.

Then suddenly a few days later, my girlfriend broke up with me, I was in so much pain and I am still a bit raw. BUT unlike other trials I have been through, I saw the lessons I needed to learn immediately.

I am so happy the Moldavite created the doorway for my heart and perception to open up.

The Moldavite was like a door, it opened up and change came barreling right in. I opened my heart and in a second… BAM, I got slammed; there was no way to step to the side, not this time. Every time I have had trials and hardships, I either stayed down or waited out the storm, but I NEVER LEARNED ANYTHING. I just took it on the chin, but this time, God shook me out of my slumber and said … BE HERE NOW.

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Great Site
by: george

Doron, I agree totally with you; this is a great website. Crystals, much to my surprise, have been a godsend to me. And, helping me in that journey, has been this great site. There's so much information, thank you Liz.

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