Moldavite Combinations

by PeaceWeaver

My Moldavite Family

My Moldavite Family

I would like to start off by saying, Moldavite is an amazing specimen to work with. It's gotten me through so much and finally turned me into the person I've always wanted, or knew, I could be. But it didn't at first.

I've been diagnosed major-depressive for more than half my life. Basically I had no will to live, so I didn't care about anything, especially myself. I got lost in my emotions, lost in my head, than I got very lost in my life.

I fell behind in college, I couldn't socialize, I barely even left my small student-house room.

I felt like I was a giant black whole. I didn't want to hang out with anyone because all that would come out of my mouth were negative things - but there was a star, swallowed by this black hole, and that star was struggling to find its way back to me.

Crystal healing became my go-to, since prescription drugs never did anything but make me a zombie. It first started with Quartz, it gave me great energy. Learning to care for it, charge it, meditate with it, and eventually shoot white light from it - this gave me hope that there WAS something magical to life, something I had forgotten all along.

Next was Fluorite, love it. Its help me with a lot of creative writing, which is important in my educational program. Then there was Aqua Aura, Lemurian Golden Healer, Smokey Quartz, Selenite, and lots more. These were all helping me, but I still felt stuck. That was until Moldavite was introduced to my life.

My first meditative experience was with a small piece. I stood under a full moon and held it up. I felt and saw green energy flow from the piece, into me, then shoot into the heavens like a beacon. It was intense, but I got intimidated of what may happen next, so I broke the flow of energy and went to bed.

I began to wear the piece every day. And each day was becoming more and more intense. I started to get very angry, snappy with people. Felt like I had no control over what I was doing or saying. When I realized this, I took it off. I felt a shift immediately "back down to earth" and set it aside.

I remembered that its suggested to be used with a grounding stone, but I picked the wrong one, Black Obsidian. The day I decided to wear these two together, I became very hot. I shook hands with someone and they said "WO, you're so warm!" - this is strange since my hands are ALWAYS cold and clammy. As the day fell to night, I began feeling dizzy. My emotions soared from angry, to depressed, to nearly suicidal.

Here's a blurb from what I wrote that evening: "Time felt like it was speeding up, I became anxious, irritated and impatient, had bitter fits of rage bubble up out of nowhere, I couldn’t concentrate, lost my apatite, and my energy was zapped. It felt like a ticking time bomb in my stomach that could explode at any moment. Strange things started happening as well.

It’s as if I became magnetized to temptation, like I was being put to a test in every situation. My perspective on life became unbalanced, swerving to pessimistic ideals and human interaction became pointless, confusing. The weirdest part was, I was in complete denial that is could be caused by this tiny piece of space rock.

This doubt seemed to lock up my conscious warning signs somewhere in the back of my mind. Like I was on autopilot and my radar was unplugged, leading me to smash blindly into every possible obstacle. After a week of building tension and disturbed sleep, I was thrown into a state of confusion, depression, and twisted delusions.

I began to cry hysterically, I felt like my head was going to explode, and I was so hot I thought I would literally burst into flames. My tears came out hot and they felt like acids running down my face.

I struggled to call my partner on the phone but it wouldn’t turn on. I concluded that I was cursed and tore apart my room looking for the culprit. Was it my new crystal ball? Maybe it was because I moved my protection grid in my room? Was I just getting sick?"

I discovered that Moldavite and Black Obsidian was the problem. The two of them together, at once, was not okay, for me at least. I see it as Moldavite was purging all my negativity, and the Black Obsidian was absorbing all of it, causing me to heat up and panic with these two forces working with me energies. It was too much.

I got through it though. After I got through all the tests the Moldavite was making clear to me, after I purged all that built up anger, sadness, and regret. Then BOOM, I'm suddenly the happiest person on Earth!

Moldavite had let me "go with the flow", "live in the now" - and its been great! I've now got a growing collection, I'll post a photo of my Moldavite Friends here. I've found that it works extremely well with Rose Quartz, or Selenite.

And now that I've gotten past many fears, its been helping me amazingly with the third eye and heart chakras. And now, I can't not wear it! If I go a day without it, I get a migraine! One that vanishes as soon as I put it back on. So, I guess I've found "my stone". And I love it.

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by: Anonymous

Great story, I feel really out of control when constantly wearing Moldavite, but when you take it off for a little while... cleanse and recharge it, wear it again and see the difference... love this stone!

Grounding, aqua aura and moldavite
by: Anonymous

Dude did you try to combine moldavite and aqua aura quartz? Then programming them and adding grounding to that program. I did this and they are working with my throat chakra. Others don't feel much from my moldavite but I do, it is quite funny.

First I feel a tingling in my hand, then I feel something in my throat. Me and my sister can feel the energy as soon as the stone is put in our hand. But my mother, who can feel energy and see ghosts (I can see other things, but not ghosts because I do not wish to) did not feel anything from moldavite, neither did my step-dad.

Starseed Crystals - Blue Apatite and Moldavite combination
by: Anonymous

I am about to star working with a Blue Apatite and Moldavite combination. :) I have Quartz on standby if I need additional support.

Remain blessed Brothers and Sisters where ever you may be..

by: Anonymous

I feel nothing from Moldavite,and herkimer diamond, but a great energy from Selenite.
Limonite with amethyst quartz almost blocked any movement when I touched it.
Strange, Moldavite supposed to be very strong in energy, not with me.
Stay blessed!

I feel nothing with my Moldavite!
by: Anonymous

I feel nothing with any of my crystals I just got my moldavite ring. I feel nothing! Makes me sad!

Moldavite Fan.
by: Nicole

I am a huge fan of Moldavite! I wear mine everyday with pietersite and tanzanite. A very powerful combination for gaining insights for how to spring to action and working on what matters most in life. Moving forward excellerated.

At first when I purchased my piece of moldavite I couldn't feel anything. It was mentioned to me that I will only feel it's energy if I am ready for it. Otherwise try to invite it in. So I invited it in and felt its presence immediately. Wow! I felt like I opened up on a whole new level. I saw things differently. Better than ever before!

Anyway that is my experience. It is amazing to work with. One thing I need to add is I can not sleep with it. I have to take it off before bed.

Moldavite and auralite 23
by: Gloria

What you went is very similar to what I went through. Tell is auralite 23 compatible with moldavite? I'm wearing both since this past friday. Let me know of that combination, thank you❤

Moldavite expression
by: Chavah

Hi, I don't know how old is this post but perhaps it's irrelevant. It's always new news, fresh if not read before. So I bought my first moldavite about a year ago. Then I got my beautiful polished and cut ring for my January birthday. All I can say, moldavite crystal along with any other crystals are amazing. Not every pairing probably ideal but you'll figure it out sooner or later as above others did.

In my experience, I focus on to act and leave by clarity, gracefulness, truthfulness, reality without being deceived, faithfulness, unconditional love and empathy, kindness, being genuine and temperance.

All of these life principles had been tested and pressed on my mind of its importance to live by them. I surprised on many occasions of my failure to perform. I grew humble instead of being proud of my self, of my righteousness and I praise God for showing me who am I. Well, a sinner saved by HIS grace. As my personal disappointment with myself grew I fund my relief in trusting Jesus for personal victory. Nobody knows what eats you at your core except God and you and who you'll tell it.

Plus I work in palliative care in hospital so grief has been a strong depressed emotional state I forced to fight against. Apart from trusting God and walking by faith, I figured my moldovite sustain my intentions for good. Also, for fighting against grief, I discovered red garnet working powerfully to me. I always been a green color lover, and I never had a red crimson, bright fire red coloured gem. I could never even imagine having a garnet although I'd my birth stone.

Well, I don't even remember how but the spark of love ignited and I have pyrope, almandine and rhodolite garnets in jewellery. I am literally cured of thy depressive feelings of grief and loss. I became alive again and able to go forward in life. If it moldavite, or God? I would say all.

I have lots of crystals, but there are some personal crystals that just came to me in a most beautiful way. I think our focus on life and our core intentions are the most important things that we all need to keep in check. Crystals will pick upon it and lead you on to manifest them into reality. Whether it is good to see or'll magnified.

That is my warning to all those who love crystals. Be careful and know yourself before you get powerful and high vibration crystals. You will have to live with the good and bad conditions magnifying your invisible intentions.

Combining Moldavite With Gold
by: Nick

What happens when you combine Moldavite with gold? If anyone can answer this that would be much appreciated.

Love moldavite!
by: Anonymous

I recently got my first moldavite ring. I also love obsidian and wanted to wear them together. As a Scorpio these two together are powerful! I also wear a Herkimer diamond infinity band with my moldavite ring.

I will say my life in many ways has changed since I started wearing my moldavite. I jokingly refer to it as ‘my previous.’ I’ve had a lot of synchronicities since wearing it and I had no idea it would create more of those.

So much has made sense to me the past two months over things that happened in my life this year. The first time I meditated I used two pieces of moldavite, one on my forehead and one on my heart chakra ahhh rose quartz and emerald. It was amazing! Now I use moldavite in my jewelry and it is definitely my favorite stone to work with!

Stone combination
by: Robert

Moldavite is paired with the Saffordite in a positive and powerful light. Moldavite/male Saffordite/female. Brother and sister.

by: Anonymous

It’s very interesting what you commented. Let me just share a bit of what I’ve learned and read about obsidian, knowledge that not a lot of people share.

Obsidian when over used, like many stones, has a negative effect. That is why it’s always good to take breaks from a stone. In obsidian's case, overuse can cause depression, which as you mentioned before, was already a problem you had. So I believe the combination aggravated your problem.

Obsidian and Moldavite are usually a great combination for most people, but not enough is said out there about the effects of overusing stones, and the negative effects if not used with knowledge.

Thank you for sharing your story, I hope my comment helps you in someway as well

Moldavite and Jade
by: Judie ~

Moldavite came to me with a friend... immediately I felt a connection with a piece of jewelry... As soon I carried on my bag I felt like my heart increase rate and I felt very anxious, and felt a rush of heat... I doubted it at first to use it, but next I took a deep breath and I let my intuition guides me... As a strong rock I decided to pair it with Jade. Jade has a passive and gentle energy so it goes very well... of course Moldavite is a strong stone and can cause side effects, but I wear it everyday. Is a powerfully strong stone.

My experience...
by: Whitechina

My first piece of Moldavite was a birthday present. Its a little piece, but kind of thick and from the very beginning reminded me of the Mothman. It can also look like a heart. Its a beautiful piece but I put it away I was a bit scared of it knowing its a strong energy. I didn't feel anything though. After a month or 2 I took it out and kept it out on display.

A few years & my mom passed on. I was in so much pain after my mom's passing. One night I was going to bed & for some reason I took that Moldavite into bed with me that little piece felt soft ball size and even though I still cried and felt very sad, tucking that moldavite piece into my heart area was comforting. It was very comforting.

It was very strange. I looked forward every night for that comforting feeling. Yet it only last three or four nights. It was very wonderfully strange that I still think of it, was it just grief or.... whatever? *S*

Thank you
by: Tammy

Thank you for sharing your journey. I have been looking for moldavite for my sister and was concerned about what she should be wearing with it. I am going to get her the rose quartz as well for healing. I sent this blog to her to read so she would understand the intensity of this spectacular rock.

Combined Moldavite and Fluorite
by: Roxanne

Hi everyone, I had to add a comment because what I experienced with Moldavite and Fluorite is crazy. I have had a Fluorite pendant for quite a long time 25 years give or take. It has been in the focal point in many meditations and rituals. Last year I decided to get Moldavite to help enhance the experience since they seemed like they would be a good match.

Nope, not the case at all. I put them both on (separate chains) and wore them both during the day. I felt sooo sick and dizzy all day. I had heard Moldavite would make things you were ignoring or having trouble with more obvious and might enhance it.

I felt like I had the flu. I took off the moldavite that night and felt better. Next day I put the Moldavite on again and about an hour later I felt horrible. Thought it is menopause kicking in (yes I’m old and a practicing Wiccan 😂).

Sweating and felt like hell. Well, fast forward and same things were still happening but I had a voice in my head that kept saying something was jealous. The voice turned into a dream. Putting 2 and 2 together to finally figure out my Fluorite was jealous of the Moldavite. So go figure….

I had a jealous stone making me feel horrible for weeks. I keep them apart now. So just watch out because if you have a crystal that has been there for you, experiencing life with you and loving you through thick and thin, don’t try to bring a new kid on the block into your crystals life.

Hmmmm, everyone I date seems to never work out either… maybe 🤔 it’s my beautiful Fluorite.

My experience
by: A seeker, dreamer, learner, conscious observer

Crystals aren’t a magic pill for all, although it does sound that way for some. Id urge those that have experienced that are more subtle not get discouraged. Over time, my crystals have absorbed my intentions and with proper care and a dedicated meditation practice, the energies with them is quite noticeable even if it wasn’t so much that way at the beginning.

Often, we can go through life with mental foggers that numb our experience to life. This is further amplified by many factors whether it’s poor sleep, all kinds of medications (or even drugs), and a lack of experience paying exquisite attention to the present moment (it’s called PAYING attention for a reason! It isn’t easy and required resources on our part).

So if you’re not feeling anything right away, my suggestion is to adopt a multi pronged approach where the crystals are part of but not the reason for your spiritual, self developmental, and personal growth ambitions.

Once you’ve been meditating with (but equally important without) the crystals for a period of time (for some less than 6 months, for others a year or more…), you are most assuredly going to feel something from engaging with the energies of different crystals but again, for those that take a bunch of sleeping aids, waking up and engaging with these crystals after sub optimal sleep when you’re still drowsy isn’t going to lead to any ah ha experiences nor will crystals replace the need for one to cultivate a relationship with their mind and body.

Moldavite and Galaxyite
by: Anonymous

I wear both these as a pendent paired. The Galaxyite
has very strong energy, it took me a while to get
used to its energies. Now I wear it paired with Moldavite. I never felt much energy from it alone but paired it feels very energetic, but I can also sleep with these with no trouble at all.

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