Moldavite crystal, high energy, low energy or strong vibration?

by Carle

Moldavite crystal, has it high energy, low energy or just strong vibration? I have only had a couple of experiences with this crystal. Neither of which have been very pleasant. Today, I tried to hold one again and immediately felt like I was in a black hole. Like my body was trapped in nothingness.

I felt that I had a history with the energy, maybe from where this crystal came from. And knew it was something that I did not need nor want to repeat. I feel I am here on earth for a purpose. My spirit, my energy may travel and do work on other worlds, but this body is here for a reason to do the work that is to do.

I am a sensitive empath. And of late have had to shield myself with some isolation mainly because of some of the meteor showers strange weather, moon, and solar eclipse, I know other beings exist, and they are not all nice or wanting the best for this world.

I do not agree with the terms. Higher vibration. When it comes to this crystal. Strong energy. I definitely agree. I sure would like to know if anyone else has had an intuitive insight like I have with this crystal.

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by: Anonymous

I held Moldavite at my local crystal shop and my experience was a little different. I too am an empath, but I felt entirely attracted as soon as I saw it. I am usually attracted this way to stones that have energy that doesn't need to be cleansed therefore mostly good energy. I don't know if this helps.

Like Attracts Like thru Moldavite
by: Anonymous

Moldavite is a very specific energy that will NOT work with everyone- it will go to the souls that Love it utterly and those who do NOT enjoy working with it are NOT mean to work with it. It will NOT go to any soul who is NOT ready, or able to resonate with its specific energy. It is NOT meant for everyone. The crystal itself will tell you if you are NOT meant to have it.

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