Moldavite Effects

by Jane
(Yorkshire, england)

Hi, I was drawn to Moldavite for a long time so I purchased a piece and have found it very powerful. But, to the tune each time I use it, initially I feel very drained for a couple of weeks.

Then I end up with chronic bowel episodes, not a nice subject I know, but has anyone else ever suffered this? And if you have had this too, will it stop?

Does this Moldavite effect mean its not for me or that it is fully cleansing me so to speak? I would welcome others stories about this stone xxx

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Love it
by: Cecilia

I'm not kidding. You DID feel drawn to it in the first place.

I got one without asking for it. I was told it was a pretty powerful stone, but I really wasn't in to power. (Play that game and it seems to come back thrice as messy). I was more concerned that the person who had given it to me was, in a marginal way, and that they had sacrificed their own desire to make me happy.

I cleaned it, wore it several times to show appreciation, but didn't really USE it for anything until I felt I had repaid the debt. Then I began to see its beauty, but didn't really relate it to a certain synchronicity that was spontaneously happening around me.

Now I know it for a high-vibration stone. I also see it as a traumatized piece of rock, like all tektites, and give it a chance to converse with other cosmic travellers like Asian tektites, Vredefort meteorite bits and Libyan desert glass. Since I do collect impactites out of curiosity, I think it's been involuntarily socialized.

I say I don't use it, but maybe I'm using it now. In its sociable capacity, it seems to charge other stones, which is why I keep it with those I wear. Call me crazy, but anything I put between my moldavite and my tanzanite or a piece of Libyan glass seems to get a kind of chi-surge.

I never really grounded myself with other crystals, but maybe a certain "desire-free" attitude shields me. The Beatles may have put it better: "let it be".

Here's the clincher: I paid back moldavite with another moldavite - both bore certain intentions of love and redemption (remember the debt). And the other moldavite seems to be behaving wonderfully beyond expectations.

My Reaction To Moldavite
by: DF

Currently have had mine for a week, can say its super strong and I wear my ring on my left hand. 1st 2 days, it knocked me out. Got used to it but still feel slightly light headed.

The bowel syndrome, yes I am still having it with feelings of being flushed and waking up in the middle of the night. I believe its to clear out solar plexus (emotional) anxiety and imbalances. I constantly worry about tiny things, the future etc including past traumas. It has helped me connect with these in my dream state and assist in clearing it out.

Even being around colleagues it has affected them and changed negative behaviours toward me.

Genuinely it is a stone of transformation and works on you from all levels. Just be prepared that it will dig deep, its like having full soul cleansing constantly. If you've ever had a shamanic soul retrieval/healing. Its on par with this. And if you're wearing this crystal all the time, it can drain you, but its only because it is raising your vibration and using energy to transmute other energies which no longer serve you. So best thing to do while wearing it is to drink a lot of warm/hot lemon water, with honey if needed, to help assist you and also pray/meditate. Its super important :)

Moldavite Cleanse
by: Jojo

I just received a small piece of Moldavite and was unsure if it was real or fake as its becoming very popular & fraudsters are out there! But a fake this was not! I placed it in my left hand and could feel warm tingles, and felt vibrations & then I felt spaced out!

Then my stomach went crazy! Yep it's meant to be temporary. I have put it down. I will come back to it once my body has adjusted to this new frequency. I suggest using either black Obsidian, Moonstone or Aquamarine to help with the intensity. I'm still spacey waiting for a parcel trying to stay awake lol

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