Moldavite hard to work with

by Jane

I was very drawn to Moldavite, so I followed my instinct and purchased a small piece some months ago. I tuned my energies to it etc and each time I try to work with it I end up with a really upset tummy, is this normal?

Has anyone else ever experienced this? It has put me off trying to work with it somewhat. Would be grateful for some input.

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Sweat it out
by: Andrew

I had a similar experience with amber. I was intuitively drawn to it, and I purchased a piece from a gift store.

After working with the amber for a while, I realized that when I was wearing it I was becoming easily agitated and felt "trapped." After I put the amber down, those feeling went away.

I tried cleansing the stone in various ways like sunlight, running water, sage etc but nothing changed.

It's possible that my energy just didn't resonate with amber's energy. Everyone is different. Maybe moldavite's energy is not harmonious with your energy field.

Another possibility is that the stone IS working for you, healing you. In that process some old, negative emotions may be finding their way out if your body/energy field. It's like sweating out booze: its uncomfortable in the moment, but things feel so much better when you are done.

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