Moldavite, Tanzanite and Herkimer Quartz.

by Jennifer

I love making jewelry so a few weeks ago I had a hankering to buy some stones. I wasn't sure what the crystals did when I bought them but they called to me.

When I saw these three stones, Moldavite, Tanzanite and Herkimer Quartz, immediately my mind created the necklace. I bought them and made the necklace exactly as I envisioned it.

Placing it on for the first time made my body shiver and every single hair stood up on my body. I felt... at peace, so calm and collected. After which I looked up what they all did and I was astounded.

I wear the necklace, along with an Aqua Quartz necklace I made, every single day since I made it. All my chakras, even the "higher" chakras are all opened to me. Dormant powers have since awakened. I see, feel, hear, and every other kind of sense clearer and brighter.

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