Moldavite The Real Beginning

by Rod
(Washington State)

I want first to thank this site for all of the insight into my new jouney in life. I found crystals after finding out that I was a dowser and I was looking for ways to increase my sensitivity. My whole world has changed for the better!!!

I started reading first this site about Kyanite and after working with it and reading more on this site I found myself being drawn to Moldavite. I purchased a few pieces and since my life has changed for the better!

I got a promotion into a position that was actually created for me and I had been waiting for something like this for a long time. Things just happen for the better, connections to projects just seem to come together like never before.

People comment how I am just so attractive with my spirit and love. For me as a "normal" guy it was a lot to take in yet I have always felt I was on a path, and my life has always had adventure and a willingness to be different. This crystal and others that I have come to work with are such a blessing and with love and gratitude I am thankful for them entering into my life!!!

If you are looking to find that change in you. Prepare for it to come in a hurry with Moldavite. Make sure you have proper understanding of grounding before you purchase this stone for you will be high as a kite before you know it. You will be clearing past issues and this stone will bring them out. Be aware of this that though it may feel negative this stone's purpose is to bring them out and cleanse you from within! Your path is your own yet share what you have learned with others so they may help see the light!!!

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