My Amazing Special Experience

Hi I'm Ida. I'm no crystal healer, and have little knowledge of them, but recently I have been learning how to meditate. All my research is information from the internet, and I have guided meditation. I have also read a few books too.

I have four Crystals; three Clear Quartz and a Purple Amethyst, which I've had for a long time but haven't done anything with them. Just recently I decided to cleanse the Amethyst.

Following the instructions I washed it under running water and placed it on my window sill in the sun. Forgetting about it for 2 weeks I placed it under my pillow. Two nights later I held onto it and fell asleep. I wasn't asleep for very long, cos my cat woke me up. On opening my eyes I seen a red flame and a huge purple crystal. It was sparkling very, very bright and beautiful.

I have not seen anything like it before, but I have experienced and seen other things. Wow, I was excited and I kept complimenting it's beauty. Then suddenly I felt a huge throbbing sensation starting from my hand; the one I was holding the crystal in, right to my heart which was pounding and continued thru to my stomach and ended at my feet.

The throbbing sensation went thru my entire body. I never felt any pain at all and I was never afraid. I have had similar experiences but never anything like this. I held the Crystal in my hand and remember saying how clever it was. I realized I had experienced the energy power of the Amethyst. I thanked it and loved it. I feel I must now learn how to heal with a Crystal. Blessings to all.

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by: Anonymous

Hi Ida, it sounds like you have had a wonderful experience with your crystals - especially the Amethyst. - I have these crystals too - but never had anything like that with any of them, - so I can only watch and wait - I do hold them in my hand at night in bed.

Crystal Energy Experience
by: Kate

That is an amazing experience and when you connect with the energy of a crystal and start to experience that energy it is wonderful and amazing at the same time! May you have many more experiences x

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