My Awakening

by Amanda Luken
(St Catharines, ON Canada)

As of recently I have been embarking on a new journey of self-exploration and gratitude. As a result, the universe is responding in a big way, and I feel the need to share the story of my "rock".

Around 5-6 years ago, a close friend gave me a giant rock he had found and (for whatever reason) decided I should keep. I appreciated the thought, but didn't think much of it. I stuck it in our garden and that was that.

We ended up moving in the middle of winter and I had completely forgotten about the rock, leaving it behind. It wasn't until 2 years ago when the friend that gave it to me committed suicide, and I suddenly wished I had kept that giant rock. My husband and I felt completely compelled to go back to our old house and retrieve the rock. As it turned out, the house was sitting empty, and being that we knew the neighbors well, we decided to just go into the back yard and bring our rock home... So that's what we did.

As of recently I have been noticing synchronicites, have been working on my spirituality and discovering the magic that I've been blind to for so long. Awakening, if you will. I decided to listen to my inner guidance and start my reiki level l.

I hit a roadblock when I realized that meditation doesn't come easy to me, so I consulted a friend who suggested crystals. Knowing nothing about them, I took her advice and went to a local spiritual shoppe to buy some. I brought home amethyst, selenite, crystal Quartz and citrine. It wasn't until I returned home that it occurred to us that we had a giant crystal sitting in our yard and that I should call the store to see if they would identify it for me. The girl that works there (Her name is Robin, which I have recently discovered is my spirit animal - whoa!) was excited to see it, so I rinsed it off and hurried over.

They were super informative and feel it is a combination of calcite, stillbite and heulandite. I purchased "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall and in reading the meaning/uses behind these crystals, I am blown away.

The universe is great. Any further insight or info would be so appreciated.

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