My Best Find

by Larry

Hello, thanks for this space to tell our stories, Liz! (This is a super condensed version of my story) On September 9, 2001 I was researching a meteorite lead, trying to find the suspect stone on a 5 acre parcel where it supposedly fell and was recovered in the 1930's. After about an hour I found a suspicious stone. It was taken to a prestigious university, sent to another, then to the U.S. Dept. of Energy for isotopic counting.

After many weeks it was concluded the stone was not like any other known, extra terrestrial or otherwise. Pieces were then sent to many institutions, none of which could conclusively identify the origin of the rock and several of them kept small samples for future work if needed.

In the mean time, the metaphysical community became aware of the discovery, due to the fascinating nature of the micro crystals that reside inside small pockets that are inside the stone. Once my brother and I (he took me to the find location) realized the significance of the discovery we started to pursue information and build awareness.

We attended a metaphysical show in Ohio and a woman looked at the crystal, asked us what it was called, and when I said it didn't really have a name she said, without hesitation, "It is to be called Arielite, the name is reserved for this crystal and we have been waiting for it." "Look it up." she said, " The name is reserved, no minerals or crystals are yet named Arielite." Then she proceeded to write the word Arielite on the back of my business card in Hebrew and then in English!

In the coming months I became aware of the well known author Melody and her writings, and with a little effort I was put in touch with her. We met at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show later the following year, what a truly beautiful, fantastic being she is! As luck would have it our timing was perfect, she was working on her final book, the "Love is in the Earth" encyclopedia and we were honored with an entry.

My brother and I were planting seeds at the time, really unaware of what the future held for us and our strange stone. Not only did we go there to meet Melody but we also participated in the show. Since the crystals are very small, we would put some finely broken pieces under a microscope, pick out a nice crystal and then photograph it. The images were then burned to a CD and the crystal went into a small bottle.

This is how we sold them and it was a big hit! While we were there we met many fantastic people from around the world, two of which would turn up in our lives again, many years later, to help us bring Arielite to the world. See, we did the show two years in a row but then life got in the way and we were unable to continue in the following years. Then in 2016 I was inspired to revive Arielite!

I traveled to the Tucson Show and visited the hotel where we showed many years prior. While there I was extremely fortunate to make contact with some old acquaintances, and to work out a way to make Arielite available to the world. This truly is a blessing, and I am thankful.

I don't mean this to be like an ad or spam, it's my crystal story and I want to share it with everyone! Please watch for the arrival of in the next week or two. There you will be able to see more images and experience the readings and listening's of the professionals.



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