My Bloodstone Spared A Friend From Being Operated On Her Ovarian Cysts

by Analyn Aduan

My doctor friend is undergoing medication due to her profuse bleeding... she's pale and very weak suffering from abdominal cramps. She shared that it is in their bloodline ... One day she sent a message that she can not stand from the toilet bowl anymore because of too much bleeding and pain.

Her best friend and I went to see her and I gave her my bloodstone necklace... advised her to put it in her abdomen. When her bleeding stopped she went to her obegyne, to prepare her for the operation to remove the cysts that causes the bleeding. To her doctor's surprise, her ovaries are clear from any nodules... stating that there must be a miracle that happened.

From that day on... my friend become a crystal lover.

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That's wonderful!
by: Anonymous

Bloodstones might very well be the most physically powerful crystal I have ever tried. So much so, that I had to put it away because it was causing me side effects. In dealing with candida, I placed the stones at the level of my gut, and got Herxeimer reaction symptoms right away.

Bloodstones are said to purify the blood. But this one really blew me away. Thanks for sharing the story on how it helped your friend. It's what we crystal lovers have always known first hand: crystals do work. No inane need to wait for scientific proof here, we are the proof.

Sceptical but willing to give it a go
by: Anonymous

I suffer from ovarian cysts and have had to have them removed in the past by laproscopic surgery. Now I have another one. The pain every month is bad. I would suggest the extreme pain your friend suffered when she could no longer stand was because they had burst and so could no longer be seen on a scan.

This happened to me too. However I am willing to try anything rather than endure another operation! I am off to buy some bloodstone!

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