My Crystals Are My Precious Gems Of Life.

by Anuradha Ramakrishnan
(Mumbai, India)

Hi I am here to share my view on crystals and their collection. After doing my 2 to 3 types Reiki masters degree and also chakras, crystal therapy, I got mad about crystals really.

I swear these little pebble looking stones could steal your heart, and you could develop a passion in collecting a wide range of them.

They are a real wonderful creation of the God Almighty to show the real path and drag you out of the wrong one.

I love crystals and use them, cleanse them and mediate with them lot many times

I just love crystals... as are worth better than your real friends..... Anu

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How Crystals Can Change Your Life
by: Liz Oakes

Hello Anu... thank you for telling your story about your precious gems. Most people who come to this site to read your story are also crystals lovers who will also totally understand about your love of crystals! Anyone who has used crystals will also have experienced the amazing spiritual gifts that they can stimulate.

So many of us, myself included have a real passion for working with crystals, which is why I built this web-site! Surrounding yourself with any of the wide range of different stones that are currently available creates a change in the energy of your surroundings. It can mean the difference between whether you feel good or bad about life, every day.

While collecting them for their beauty is of value, I appreciate what you said about their action to drag you onto the path that you need to be on! Thank you for the reminder of the tremendous value of the lovely crystals that are precious to many of us, not necessarily in monetary terms but in the way they can help you to change your life. Love and light Liz

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