My "Eye of Atlantis" Big Smokey Quartz Sphere and How He Manifested My Healing Center!

by Colleen Clabby
(California, U.S.)

Hello Liz! Thank you so very much for having all this information and sharing your crystal heart and energy with the world!

I came upon your website during the Tucson Gem Show last week when I was there wondering about the healing energy of Larimar which was present EVERYWHERE. Many vendors had this light blue stone on their tables. So, I looked it up and found you! How nice.

My name is Colleen Grace Clabby and after my mother died of cancer in 1995, I wanted to build a healing center working specifically with sound, color and vibration. Actually, I was "notified" in 1987 that "we humans could heal ourselves using these natural tools."

Twenty years later to that date, I opened The Mystic Gathering Center in Mystic, Ct. and I did it with the help of my big boy, the huge smokey sphere.

When I was living in Las Vegas, back when it was a much smaller town, I was told to drive to Los Angeles. By that time, I was hearing and seeing angelic guidance and preparing to build my center...somewhere.

It took 3 days, but I finally got into my car and drove to L.A. and checked into a hotel on sunset blvd.
As I stood in the room, I thought, "now what?!"

With no clear directions, I walked down to the Bodhi Tree bookstore on Melrose Ave. where I saw a flyer for amethyist cathedrals. I am very drawn to that color and so decided to drive over the canyon to Van Nuys to the store.

Upon entering, I saw this gorgeous clear quartz crystal sphere for $16,000! Then I saw an even bigger one, a smokey and thought to myself wouldn't that just make the most fantastic entry piece for my healing center.

The owner showed me around and I began to tell him a story about building a healing center not only for cancer patients, but for everyone.

He told me that I could have that smokey for a certain price, well below what I thought it would go for, and so I bought it!

I drove it home and had a fountain stand built for it. Now, where was I going to set him up and build my place?

I was told to go home, to Mystic, Connecticut.

Now, after 9 years of working with people in my beautiful home and center, I have my big smokey with me to sell and move on to something else. (I want to teach and write).

Last week, I put him in the Tucson Gem Show where everyone took their picture with him! I still have him and if anyone is interested in manifesting their own center or needs him, please let me know.

I am now back in California for heavens sake!

Peace, peace, peace!

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