My favourite Phenakite, Moldavite and Apophyllite

by Colonel k k raju

Apophyllite with quartz cluster from ladakh India

Apophyllite with quartz cluster from ladakh India

Hi all. I made a recent purchase of my favorite Phenakite, Moldavite and Apophyllite, the original ones after a long wait to find ones. Of these I was able to get Moldavite and Apophyllite but to get Phenakite I really really struggled a lot.

The first shipment never reached till date, the second one reached but tampered and crystal missing, thanks to Amazon to refund my full amount although the sellers were reluctant...

So when I had a disaster with the first two Phenakite shipments...I was unhappy since... to get authentic specimens is very very difficult these days especially with this King Phenakite.

So one night I sat on my laptop unhappy over not able to get one... morning at 2 AM I stumbled upon one seller selling one, and I immediately grabbed it. Although costly I just grabbed it... now shipment to India from other countries is a big pain, so I spent double the cost of the already bought costly phenakite on shipment this time through fedex.

Thanks to latter.. Excellent shipping process reached precise on time and there my Phenikite was with me...beautiful baby...I washed it with sacred Ganges water and since I had already researched a lot on this crystal before purchase including the experiences of people listed on your site. I being from science background was bit skeptic about the placebo effect vis a vis read stories in my mind ..

So setting that impression aside but at the same time careful of not succumbing to said placebo effect.. I for the first time held my Pheni in my palm... at first nothing.. Few seconds later a very mild burning sensation in the palm and small sort of needle prick feeling... but one thing happened for sure it arrested the wandering mind otherwise when I sit for meditation.... Nothing more than this happened...

Thereafter next day..I introduced myself to Pheni and Moldavite giving out my life history and requested them to help me out in my spiritual sojourn. This gave a kick start to the electric pulses again in my palm and wandering mind again to void...good thing..

Next day I slept with my beauty Pheni held in my palm and I had a bit disturbed but an satisfying sleep. It is only three days now, it appears Pheni is opening with me slowly and that is for my betterment since sudden activation of brain faculties may render one a psychatric case... but my beauty Pheni is taking care of that.

Please share your Phenakite and Moldavite experiences. Thanks

Attached are photos of Apophyllite and Moldavite. Bit hesitant to upload my beauty Pheni as of now but may do so later just on a silly note that "Pheni does not like to be public".


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