My Selenite Rocks! Literally...

by Courtney P.
(Bronx, NY)

I just obtained such a beautiful Selenite plate and cleansed it thoroughly prior to usage. During my first session, I did a ritual where I ended up placing the plate on my third eye and lying there in silence, without repeating affirmations.

I noticed that the plate was rocking back and forth on my third eye. It was not subtle but also not strong enough to fall off, but definitely noticeable.

Has anyone experienced this or know what it could mean? I layed there for about 10 mins, before doing my grounding ritual prior to opening my eyes, and then I began seeing circular light flashes. All of this is new to me and would like any insight!

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Yes I have felt this as well
by: Anonymous

It is quite mind blowing to truly feel the crystal vibrate at this level, and when this happened to me was when I first got my selenite and did just as you placed it on my 3rd eye and had a piece of iolite on top and layed in silence for about 30 mins.

I'm not sure what this means, but my best guess and what I feel intuitively is that the crystal is really working its high vibration into your chakra and its resonating with you! Hope you get that sensation more often and savor every second :)

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