My Story About Variscite

by Liba
(The Czech Republic)

I would like to write about my experience with Variscite. This stone became for me one of the most important stones.

I think it is rather inconspicuous stone and not very usual here in my country. I do not exactly remember when I noticed it. Before that Variscite was for me an unknown stone.

I noticed it probably during reading my favorite The Book Of Stones, and this stone intrigued me very much. It had some very interesting properties for me. Probably it is necessary to say something about me.

Two years ago I underwent surgery for breast cancer. It was in very early stage, I underwent radiotherapy and now I am OK. Only still I have some health problems probably in connection with radiotherapy. I have a lot of various private problems and sometimes I manage it very badly.

I am nervous and have feelings of stress and anxiety. I am trying to struggle with it, working in my garden and my favorite gemstones are for me the best therapy. When I found Variscite and read about it I decided to obtain it somewhere.

My intuition said that it could be the right stone for me. I tried to buy it somewhere but it was impossible. One year ago I visited stock market of gemstones and I succeeded in buying one small stone. I was very happy with it. In Autumn I visited stock market of gemstones again (visiting stock markets is my very favorite hobby) and I bought a Variscite pendant so I was able to wear it.

Before Christmas I found a Variscite necklace in one shop. It was rather expensive but I bought it as a Christmas gift. About one month ago I visited this shop again. I bought another Variscite necklace – this time it was cheaper and I made two bracelets from it. Maybe it sounds like some sort of mania for Variscite but I need to keep this stone close to me very often.

I love gemstones and I love wearing gemstones as necklace and mainly I prefer wearing bracelets. Mainly during the last time I do not feel well so this crystal became my best friend and I am wearing it almost constantly and daily. I feel much better with Variscite and I think it helps me with my feeling of nervousness, stress and anxiety.

Liz, I love your site about healing crystals. It is my favorite hobby for almost every day in the evenings. Beside another interesting things about gemstones I could read here a lot about Variscite too.


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