My Strange Ruby

by Matty

When I lived in Toronto I bought a low grade Ruby. It's energies seemed to grab at me, and in fact I can remember wanting a Ruby when I was a youngster attending boarding school.

This Ruby is rather odd in that it seems to aid in the activation of my psychic centers. For instance I am able to see in to other dimensions and it also seems to act like quartz in that it also seems to aid in telepathic communications.

In short, it's acting not only as a grounding stone but as a higher chakra stone: a rather interesting phenomena to be sure. It's like quartz with an added punch. If I meditate in my rocking chair and fall asleep my dreams are vivid and to be sure that is not always pleasant, seeing that some of my dreams are sometimes unsavory at best.

Strangely since I've begun holding it differently I find the beneficient energies of the universe pouring into my sphere and I am enjoying now that bliss that Rubies are said to offer their owners.

Has anyone else had such experiences with Rubies before? It's almost like a star energy: universal energies easily accessed to aid in the modification of circumstances and in uniting the Self with the Self.

Perhaps I'm just bonkers? I think not. Crystals have always captivated my interest since I was quite young and their energies are fascinating to say the least.

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Interesting Reactions To Your Ruby
by: Liz

Hi Matty

Really there is nothing strange about your reactions to your Ruby. It is known to stimulate the pineal gland which is where your psychic powers originate. It is also known as a strong spiritual grounding stone. Most red stones work at the base chakra, and some take this energy down to the earth chakra and Mother Gaia.

This is what the Ruby stone does. I am so glad that you have allowed yourself to have a stone that has been calling to you since you were young. Perhaps somewhere inside yourself you intuitively knew it would aid you to become what you were meant to be!

I can understand your vivid dreams... as the Ruby energy is known to create lucid dreaming. This is like being awake while you are asleep as you seem to be in a different state and can react within the dreams. I understand that this has been uncomfortable, but maybe before you go to sleep you might choose to ask for your dreams to be pleasant?

The bliss of the Ruby that you are experiencing sounds lovely! I like how you described it: uniting the Self with the Self....very deep.

I wonder if anyone else has found that Ruby's affect them like this? If you have please let us know.

Thanks so much for your story about the lovely Ruby, Matty.

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