Mystery Amethyst.... Can Anyone Help?

by Jessica
(Lockport, Il)

So I got this small amethyst cluster in the mail, after I had already gotten my order completed by this one seller. So needless to say it was an extra one, they sent it on accident. So I got a hold of them and they said they had no idea what I was talking about.

Ok... so I kept the crystal. I put it to the side for a while and paid little attention to it. About 6 months ago I picked it up again and really looked at it. It had all these weird markings on each one of the faces and each one was totally different than the other. I was totally enchanted by it.

Now I carry this crystal with me everywhere, and I've asked stone and crystal specialists, brought it to crystal shows and no one seems to have any idea what the markings are but they all seem to be taken over by it when they hold it.

I even brought it to a channeler and she spoke Chinese when she held it. I have included a photo, if anyone has any kind of information about the markings or about where I could look for info I would be much appreciative of any info. I know this piece is special, and I just got to find out what it is.

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Could You Do A Closeup On One Of Those Faces Please?
by: Liz's Comments

Hi Jessica

I think I have an idea, but need to see it closer up. If you could post a close-up of one of those faces it would confirm it for me. Of course it will be an educated guess, but.....

Mystery Amethyst
by: Spiritwalker

It's a piece of Pineapple Amethyst .

by: Vivien

It certainly sounds like this stone was meant to come to you for some reason. = Personally I would learn to meditate with it - as it has come to you for a reason.

Hope all get an opportunity to see this
by: SouthEast Wisconsin

I am so glad to have found this website. I was searching for lineated amethyst and found your excellent photo. I am so surprised and grateful you were able to capture this feature in a photo.

Almost two years ago I, too, ordered an amethyst cluster online. I wanted a druzy cluster large enough to make St. Hildegard of Bingen's amethyst water. When I received the crystal and saw the beautiful maze-like designs inside half the faces on the cluster I knew I would never let this crystal near steaming water.

I had never seen any crystal with these markings under the smooth surface. They are very delicate and hard to describe as there is some variance in the lineation patterns. But they are all very straight, delicate lines that form a repeating geometric, or maze-like shape inside the face of the crystal. I have two shelves of crystal books and Melody's encyclopedia was the only one I found that described lineation.

I think that is what yours is also. It taught me a more careful way to look at crystals. When I show this to people it is hard for them to see, like the contributor that called this pineapple quartz. This is also different from druzy crystals, as they have smaller crystals on their surface. It is rather harder to see because the amethyst is a rich dark purple and each face reflects light differently so you have to move the crystal around in the light to see inside each one of these faces.

I find the crystal to be very pure and of a very high vibration. It is perfect for praying with and sending absent healing with. One more thing I have come across, there is also a something similar sometimes called lineation. It's a much more common marking but on the outer sides of crystals. It is when there is a ladder of parallel horizontal straight lines across the sides. These are usually felt at the surface, and you can run your thumb along the striations to activate. Thanks for your photo and post.

Formation of crystal
by: Anonymous

Well talking about the educated guess. If you see the pattern precisely, this is the way crystals are actually being formed layered by layer as ancient people even believe that's frozen layers of ice etc.... And while the cutter is being used to cut these crystals in smaller pieces the sides just appeared and showed its formation.... Crystals itself are a beautiful creation of God so being mesmerised by them is pretty obvious for their attractive nature.

by: Maya

One day, when I was very busy, I put a glassplate on a huge amethyst - very gently - and about 1 minute later, there was a big "bang" and the glassplate went to 1000 pieces ! OK it can maybe be that they had the same vibrations or something like that ?? I don't know.

similar event
by: Anonymous

Similar thing occurred to me. I ordered a book on ebay and when I received it, I also got an Amethyst pendulum. Ebay has no clue where it came from neither does the seller or the most recent item I purchased. The tracing number got ripped off at the perforated part where the numbers are located. I'm a bit creeped out but still feel it came to me for a reason. I hope I can find more info or maybe someone else had this occur.

by: Cecilia

I'd love to see the base of that in proper lab conditions. My guess is convex, unlike druzy and geode structures, affording more topside space to grow. Unfortunately, few people would pay several times the amount of a specimen in order to run a reading, and there most research stops. (This is like healing yogurt, which the pharmaceutical industry figured could put a line out of business and, anyway, was the domain of dairy farmers).

Hence the unscientific explanation (they asked for it): she stowed away to get published on this wonderful website so we could see a fraction of the crystal miracle.

Crystal growth has been researched in the more expensive rocks, however, and it may give us clues. Crystals sometimes stop growing due to changes in ambient conditions. Then conditions change again and they resume, assimilating the stunted patches, which often remain visible as inclusions. However, your specimen looks as though some crystals were interrupted on the surface. Maybe you could also check for formations inside. Those should be fascinating to find.

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