Mystical Leklai

by Jessica

I have always been drawn to crystals since I was a little girl. My Mother was/is a well known local Psychic medium and I would frequently go to Psychic fairs with her when I was a child. You could always find me near the tables selling crystals oogling over the different stones and trying to find new "friends" with crystals.

I have always been drawn to high frequency stones and wanted to go even further so I purchased a Leklai stone from Thailand. It is said to contain a Deva and there is so little written about it that I am very confused on how to properly care for it. It was obtained by a Buddhist Monk during a solo spiritual journey through Laos, that is all I know about it.

I received it in the mail and immediately put it near my amethyst to cleanse it. This morning, the rainbow colors that it had so clearly are faded tremendously. I am not sure if it decided that I am not the one for it, or if I did something wrong. I have never had this experience before and am slightly intimidated by the serious vibe of this stone.

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Mystical Leklai
by: Al

I have a few Leklai stones and I also have the same experience as you. My leklai stones color faded. So I decided to do my own research. I notice that leklai stones has oily surface. It's that this oily surface creates the rainbow effect of the light bounces on the stone.

The color faded away because the oily surface has dried out. To prevent this, everyday I rub my leklai stones with pure coconut oil and I place them in cold humid area. Never leave them on hot and dry areas.

Once a week I dip them in water and left overnight. The next morning, I rub them with pure coconut oil n since then the rainbow effect maintains.

by: Danny

This type of leklai looks to me like kod leklai. You dont dip or rub leklai with coconut oil but instead use pure honey. Put one or two small drops of honey on the surface during a full moon day, & leave it outside under the full moon to soak up the energy. This will make the rainbow shine comes back again.

Some people said feed them honey every two to three days as it will grow eventually.
Take note also as a leklai owner you must follow the 5 buddist precepts so the power of the leklai will not go away. I suggest getting a leklai directly from a guru monk in Thailand such as famous LP Somporn or LP Watchara, as they provide authentic leklai plus the kata prayer for invoking & restoring the power of the leklai incase you broke the rules. Be aware.!!

Good day & many blessings to you, hope this info helps.

About Leklai
by: Anonymous

I bought leklai from Thailand.. but when I open it the both sides of the leklai is color red and its fading color red. Is this leklai fake?

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