Need Geology Info About the Likelihood of Finding a Huge Celestine Crystal!

by Evariste

Mystery Rock Next to Celestine Crystal

Mystery Rock Next to Celestine Crystal

So Here's my story. Love rocks and stones since I was a little kid. When I go for walks in the woods I sometimes find unique ones to investigate.

The other day I was walking my dog near the top of a hill where a small stream was running through. Just past the stream a light blue crystalline stone caught my eyes. Only the top was sticking out from the ground but it immediately reminded me of my Celestine or Celestite crystals.

I have lived in my state 27 years and never seen anything this color before. Now I knew that both of my Celestine crystals actually came from mines in Michigan so figure it was at least slightly possible this rock could be Celestine. I dug it up and unearthed a huge specimen. I took it home and washed it up to discover the entire rock is a pale blue crystalline boulder.

I held my Celestine crystal next to it (see photo) and the colors were almost an exact match (granted, the boulder is much less pure and is mixed/included with other stones). The whole rock sparkles and has the uniform blue crystalline surface, but it is somewhat dulled by whatever else is mixed in with it and not completely transparent.

Here's the thing, I had the name of the city where my Celestine crystal was found, although I never looked up where that was. Well, according to Google Maps, it's 35 minutes away! (BTW I am a student at University so this is not my hometown and I don't know all the small towns around the city).

So I find this huge rock, it looks like Celestine and my Celestine crystal was unearthed from a mine 28 miles away. Coincidence? Possibly the same chemical composition? I'd love for someone with scientific knowledge to weigh in. Can Celestine occur as both a large point crystal with large crystal structure and also a smoother, rounded rock comprised of many minute crystals?

I remember learning in earth science that the difference in crystal size has to do with cooling time and where it cooled (inside the earth vs. at the surface). Also, is it possible that the center of this huge stone could be purer (clearer) or even a geode? Any feedback appreciated!

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