New and trying to find balance

by Sabrina (Bean)
(Nashville, TN)

Turquoise Mala

Turquoise Mala

My sister and I have recently begun our journey to enlightenment. Our third eyes have opened or have begun opening so much, it started to become a bit overwhelming. We both began looking into practices, visualizations and stones or crystals that could help us.

I found a wonderful metaphysical shop near me and purchased some stones/crystals, and two wearable pieces. She unfortunately does not live near me and is having trouble finding a shop near her. I don't think I should buy anything to send to her. I don't want to get her something she doesn't connect with. I did my best to select the stones for myself that felt right, but I'd love some advice on if I selected things that work well together.

I have selenite, amethyst, lapis lazuli, a red jasper bracelet, and a turquoise Mala necklace. I have a small selenite wand that I carry with me and a larger block for cleansing/energizing my other stones. My Amethyst and Lapis are small/medium sized and I carry them in a pouch with my selenite wand. I take them out from time to time to hold or put in my bra.

The turquoise Mala I wear everyday and use as a tool in my meditation. The red jasper bracelet was purchased before I was awake and has since been cleansed along with my other items. I know all of this should be based on feel, but are any of these things inadvisable to wear together?

I'm wearing my bracelet and necklace together for the first time today and I just feel grounded and at peace. Any suggestions or encouragement are most appreciated. Blessings, love, and balance to you all!

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