New to Crystals - Dreams

by Randy
(Honolulu, Hawaii)


I have not owned my own crystals in the past, and for the past two weeks I did a lot of reading regarding crystals.

I typically remember my dreams once every 6-12 months, and when I do remember my dreams, I find them to be quite vivid and elaborate.

I wanted to find a way to help me to remember my dreams more often, and I was turned on to the aide of using crystals.

I have on order, but have not received any of these yet: Moldavite, Celestite, Herkimer Diamond, Danburite, Dream Quartz, Azurite (with Malachite), Amethyst, Sodalite, Zincite, Lepidolite, Ametrine and Hemimorphite.

I will eventually have twelve total once all my orders come in. Is this a good number to have? If I found a 13th crystal I liked, would that be a bad number?

Also, I read that you can put it under your pillow or under your bed. The pieces I chose are not smooth so putting it under my pillow is out of the question. My headboard has a secret shelf compartment... can I put it in that?

What arrangement should I put the crystals in? Is my combination good?


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by: Janice Suria

you can hang a moonstone above your bed try that if you want, I haven't done it yet......but did use Herkimer's Diamond one time and had vivid dreams.

I did buy 3 ametrine's recently, keep those ones away from sunlight the colors will fade FAST! it's with quartz based stones with colors that don't like sun, even fluorite's don't like the sun too long. But Ametrine really fades quickly (in my case anyway, unless they're just really glass and if that's the case they'll have tiny little bubbles in the glass.

But all man made crystals also have an energy (like Vogt crystals and goldstone) and glass is naturally quartz, for me those 3 very pale ones seem like tough teachers, but I'am getting it checked out tomorrow, because I don't think that's really the Ametrine's energy.

You can easily feel their personality by holding them on your fingertips gently to a glass of water you drink from, within 40 seconds to one minute (eyes closed) your'll pick up energy and it gets stronger.

Magic numbers
by: RavenHawk

Now, I am no expert, but I have a decent amount of experience with power, healing, and dream stones. As far as the number of stones (or any other item or idea), there are 2 important things I have learned:

1: The most powerful number is 4; see Buddhism and quantum theory for examples. The number 4 is solid, balanced (ex. the four elements)and stable. It can restore and regenerate. Also, every number can be broken down to the number 4:
seventy five (now count the letters)
eleven (now count them again)
six (and again)
three (almost there)
five (one more time)

2: On that note, the most important number for you to utilize is one that means something to you. If 13 has never been a bad number for you then you shouldn't fear it, it's actually shown to be a solid, positive number for myself.

Another thing I've learned is that having to many stones in one area can muddle their properties. There are a few ways you can try to avoid this; first, cleanse your stones often, moonlight and running water are best. Make sure to follow a cleansing with a 'blessing' (for lack of a better word) where you hold your stone and feel its energy and project your intentions/desires upon it.

Second, try positioning small groups of like minded stones in different locations around your bed, effectively surrounding yourself in their energy and your intentions.

Last, you can do some research to see which of your dream stones work well together and group them by purpose. For example; some dream stones target dream recall, some deepen the dream experience, and others allow you to lucid dream, and still others will help reveal to you the truth behind the dream.

So you could use the first and second groups to dream more often and more clearly, then once you've gained a better picture of what your dreams entail you can use the other 2 types of stones to control and understand your dreams.

I typed a lot more here than I intended to, but I greatly hope some of it helps.

Happy Journeys

Remembering Dreams
by: James

I've found that the best way to remember your dreams doesn't involve crystals at all. I recommend meditating before bed. Tell your higher self that you would like to sleep through the night, have peaceful and beneficial dreams, that you are only going to interact with positive service to others entities in your dreams, and that you will remember as much of your dreams as you possibly can. Then, go to sleep. Your higher self will take care of the rest.

If you do want to involve crystals, try out Lithium Quartz. You can actually program it to record your dreams and if you keep it under your pillow you can meditate with it and details in your dreams that you forgot will show themselves. Hope this helps.

Response to Randy about 13
by: Janice

Randy, the #13 many people believe is a lucky number, I am certainly one of them.

I got started placing crystals on the energy vortex centers (chakra's) of the body lately, it's great first thing in the morning.....I place Shungite on the root chakra, later Brown Zircon on Thymus, and later a Green Dioptase on the 3rd eye, massively relaxing, but when finished, take them off slowly from the top down.

I've also done the same with Malachite along with Azumer tumbled stone and Turquoise, it's pretty neat.

And doing etheric grids by visulaizetion is fun, that may be interesting to do before can expand the grid via length, width and depth, place around the Earth, a relatives home, etc....

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