New to Crystals, Would Love Some Help

by Marc C.

Hi there! Thank you so much for your website, Liz, it's been a great help thus far. I'm arguably very new to crystals and stones, having had little experience with them when I was younger.

As a child, I'd accidentally stolen a handful of crystals on vacation at a little stand in the train station, where I was absolutely, and completely, fascinated by them. I was being rushed along to find the train, yet I wanted everything to do with them. They were gorgeous, and I'd only figured out I'd taken them when we got back to the hotel and my pockets were heavier than I'd remembered.

My dad went back to pay for them, the people who sold them more than happy to let me keep them. I don't know that I was drawn to them particularly, but I remember that moment vividly, the rest of that trip being almost a complete blur to me now.

Then, when my mum and I were sorting through my great grandmothers belongings after she'd passed to donate what we could, I found a lovely little stone, a rather weighty little thing.

Charcoal-grey, shaped like a standing boulder you'd see in the mountains, a velvet lining at the bottom to keep it from scuffing the surfaces of whatever it'd sit on. It had these magnificent blue-yellow flashes. I've only recently suspected it must be some sort of Labradorite.

That was years ago, and only now am I rekindling my accidental interest in crystals and stones, and only now am I discovering the power and properties of them.

I now have a steadily growing collection, with more coming in the mail! However, if at all possible, I'd greatly appreciate some help!

I'm not someone who can feel the energies, nor vibrations, off of crystals and stones, how am I to be sure that they're "working" properly? Is there a way to communicate (for lack of a better word) with them otherwise?

How do I properly activate a crystal grid without a wand? I'd like to be a bit more low-key, I suppose, with my crystal collection, so a large wand is a bit off-putting for me.

Is there a tried and true way that any of you have been able to manifest things, big or small, through crystals/crystal grids?

Because I'm not really sensitive to crystalline vibrations or vibrations, I feel as though while every bit of me wants to believe that they work and that I can do amazing things with them, it's hard for me to fully implant that thought, no matter how many wonderful success stories I read, and it's upsetting, to say the least.

I want to have the faith, the knowing that this is something that can and may benefit me. Does anyone have any tips for that, or to strengthen belief and faith in both crystals and the Universe?

Thank you so much, Liz and everyone who contributes! I'm so grateful for this site, it's helped me so much!

I'm so looking forward to hearing any responses!

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