Orgone Pendants

by Ogo

I have been asking sites about orgone pendant. I was told that all orgone pendants that are made with crushed stones and metals are useless, since the matrix of the crystal is destroyed.

Is this true and does that mean that all orgone pendants are a waste of materials?

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RE: Orgone Pendants
by: Jessica

I have been making Orgone for a little over a year now and actually made my first one without knowing it was orgone. It was a pendant made of the tiny screws, bolts, washers that are used in computers - with polymer clay and resin on top.

Every time I worked with that pendant or held it I felt a strong motivated feeling about turning my hobby into a career one day. I couldn't figure out why my other pieces didn't make me feel the same way.

A few months later a friend of mine mentioned Orgone and I discovered the same materials to make Orgone is what I used for this pendant. Even though my pendant wasn't constructed as what others say is required, it still pushed all doubts I had about my skills out of mind.

And I'm happy it went to good home and is adored :) Now that I'm making orgone pieces (rings, earrings, pendants, pyramids, small muffin sized) I've started using the more traditional methods and a few pieces do have pebbles/flakes of mainly moonstone since it's softer, but while I've sold several I've only gotten feedback on a few and all positive.

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