by Stephanie
(Queensbury NY)

Hi I was researching healing crystals one day and came across something I have never heard of, Orgonite.

You make it, any crystal chip you like, one that you want to intensify or a combination of crystals and then by mixing epoxy and tiny shards of metal with the crystals you can put in a mold to make any shape you like.

This combination has the crystals sealed in epoxy and the power it emits is intense. Any one have thoughts? Has anyone experienced Orgonite? Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts! :) Have a groovy day!

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Yes, Orgonite does work.
by: Mohit


Not sure how old this post is but assuming you haven't found the answer yet; Well, it does work. Didn't buy so made my own first, then got hooked on with crystals and experimented with various combination of crystals and stones in Orgonite...

Gifted Some... So far, I've gifted 40+ orgonites to friends and family for various purpose and intentions - Money, Health, Love Life, Spirituality, etc...

So far 100% positive feedback...

I'm planning to get into the business of Orgonites now :)

Might be in time to save the world :D

Love & Regards,

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