Overwhelming feeling at the first touch

by Idaplon

I'm a crystal lover, hunting clusters for my thirst for crystals. What beautiful things, but I just found out about cleansing & healing things last month. (And I have to cleanse all of mine). It started when I held a melanite cluster aka andradite garnet in my bed just to stare at its beauty while I'm waiting to get sleepy. I felt a sudden overwhelming sensation, oh my.. its so hard to describe (pardon me, English is not my first language, I hope its understandable)

Okay..I tried.. I was in a stable condition at that moment, healthy body, not overly tired, not sad or stressed. And yes it suddenly drew my attention that night after I bathed it, and since then it sits on my drawers for weeks although I just buy it, busy peak at office made me forget about this new cluster.

That feeling was overwhelming, and clearly, its not in a negative way, I never felt this emotion before (or feeling?) But its not like a calm & blessed feeling when I hug my amethyst cluster. I ended up sleeping with melanite at my palm that night. I remember getting a spinning head (no headache), hard to move my body, my body felt heavy like a huge rock!

It was even harder to put it back (I'm an acrobatic sleeper, damage a clusters while I sleep is possible & a nightmare!) I feel something flow down hard, but I wasn't aware of directions..did something flow from me or to me.

It did not scare me, but I felt super curious about that night, because when I tried for the second time, I feel almost nothing. But clearly we get along this time, its no longer screaming.

For additional info: I use a herkimer diamond bracelet daily, it was a spontaneous purchase while I hunting aquamarine, I don't know why I reach for this everyday above other jewelry. It just feels right.

Hope anyone will be willing to share. I'd love to learn more and more :) ❤❤

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Overwhelming Reply
by: J.N.

You just had an experience with the crystal. Different crystals interact with different people in different ways.

The herkimer bracelet can make small gemstones stronger. I think the effects of your bracelet helped your body feel the effects of andradite more strongly and clearly.

Andradite is a grounding stone. It also increases your sexiness and helps you act rather than think. When you felt like a rock, you felt the andradite's effects. Its energy flowed to you.

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