by Caleb

So, I have had this Pietersite for some time now. I feel that there are many reasons as to why I should work with it... but every time I begin carrying it/working with it I feel a certain amount of emotional discomfort.

I've had a hard time telling if this is the Pietersite working on some blockages, or if it is something else. Also, I would like to add... I have put it under my pillow a few times but it seems that it makes me somewhat restless at times.

One of the nights I put it under my pillow, I went into sleeping with a certain intention, and the dreams I had that night were vivid and my intention was manifested in the dream. But outside of that it seems I don't really remember any dreams when I have the Pietersite under my pillow. I actually spoke with someone else who said it also makes her restless too.

So I want to try it a few more times and see what happens. Has anyone else felt somewhat uncomfortable when first working with Pietersite? Could this just be the Pietersite working on blockages? Anyways, I thank anyone in advance for their help. Wishing you all much love, peace, health and wealth! :D

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