Powerful Crystals vs Safe Crystals

by Anonymous

I am an empath that is very in-tune with the energy of not only people but also "spirits" and crystals, which tends to be true of a lot of other empaths as well. I put spirits in quotes because I cannot prove that they are demons or angels but I can tell when the energy is negative or positive and where in the room it is standing.

Because of this I'm also what people might call a sensitive. I am Christian as well, so in general I have a very unique stance on energy and how I interpret it. For me, everything comes across as feeling. Holy energy, evil energy and crystal energy all generate distinct feelings in my heart, body and soul.

Crystals each have their own specific feelings when I hold them or even go near them if they're powerful enough depending on the type of crystal it is. I believe that the crystalline atomic structure is what gives stones their energy storing, absorbing/transforming/emitting and amplifying abilities.

Some of the crystals that I have that play nicely with me at Chrysoprase, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline-imbedded Quartz, Pyrite, Tiger's Eye and Selenite. Particularly the Chrysoprase. Like a lot of empaths, I can go through very tough spots of depression when I am alone or subject to a lot of negative energy for prolonged periods of time.

For those that don't know, an empath is someone who takes on the energy of other people as their own in order to understand them. We do this subconsciously, so often times when I'm around a sad person who may not look sad, I will feel sad for no reason and know that something is wrong with them. This is helpful to the other person but very burdensome on the empath and we tend to have an extremely hard time finding our own happiness.

Chrysoprase gave me the first "normal" depression-free day of my life since I was a very young child. It felt like a weight was lifted off of me and I could actually enjoy life, and Chrysoprase is known to calm and reduce or completely remove depression. The problem with Chrysoprase is that it does not work all of the time.

After a while either A) I become too used to it or B) I put too much stress on it and it's having a hard time processing so much energy 24/7. By the way I tend to name my stones, so the Chrysoprase I call Solace. Using Solace's name helps me access it quicker because it's something I directly associate with my specific stone. It's a polished crystal just small enough to fit in my bra so that I can access it at any location or time of day because it's in constant contact with my skin. However, when Solace needs some time away to recharge or for me to break down the resistance to it, I use Charity, my Citrine crystal.

Citrine is a happy stone and some believe a lucky stone. I use this as well as the Tourmaline embedded Quartz, which is good for making clear decisions. The Rose Quartz stores love, which I tap when I miss the people I love. The Pyrite is good with focus and memorization. I also found that if I'm asked questions while connecting with it, it helps reveal the subconscious. The Tiger's Eye is a grounding stone that helps protect against bad energy. Selenite is also a protective crystal. All of these are completely safe and will do no one any harm unless combined with other stones. You shouldn't use more than one stone at a time unless you're practiced in using these, for reasons I'm about to get into in a minute.

Some stones that are extremely powerful and overwhelming are namely Amethyst, Blood Stone and Malachite. These tend to be connected to the higher chakras which I intentionally keep locked. I have not unlocked further than the heart Chakra for a reason, and I didn't even try to unlock the ones that I have.

Amethyst constantly calls to me because occasionally I will have visions during or after meditation. Amethyst assists with sight and it wants to prompt me to do more with my abilities but honestly my visions scare me and can leave me with huge spikes in blood pressure. I also wear a diamond ring all of the time that my boyfriend gave me, which amplifies the stones I am touching so if I am not careful, Bloodstone and Malachite will do the same thing.

Malachite is supposed to be a protective stone but every time I've used it I get a huge headache and this last time I actually passed out. I remember holding the one that my friend has and I kept getting visions of rubies. I didn't have any ruby so it eventually picked up on that and started showing me Pyrite, which I had, so I combined that with it. This entire time I was also wearing my diamond ring.

The next thing I know I go numb. My entire body just numb and my friend is shaking me out of it. He said he was fairly certain I passed out, as I was slumped on the couch and my eyes were unable to focus. I felt like I completely lost touch with my body. It wasn't a pleasant experience, especially since we were in a common area in the dormitory.

After that I went up to my other friend's room and I laid on his bed for over half an hour while conscious but physically unable to move. I just couldn't, until more people came in the room and I could use their energy to help me.

I really don't suggest that you take these stones lightly. Know what you're using before you use it. I hope this helps, I have plenty of other stories of my visions and different experiences with the crystals, so don't hesitate to ask.

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Also have a problem with Malachite
by: Anonymous

For some unknown reason, I also have a big problem with Malachite. It's enough just to take a look at a piece of tumbled stone and I start feeling sick.
But, I have great experience with Maori Greenstone (Nephrite, some call it Nephrite Jade).

I can wear it every day and it only gets better. My heart chakra is very active and I consider myself to be an empath, just as you do, for the same reasons.

I want to can share with you that I found good alternative for Chrysoprase, it's Mtorolite. It's a very calming crystal, and for me, works all the time. I don't have ups and downs, as I use to have with Chrysoprase.

Unfortunately, there is only one name for Amethyst, but it's a huge family of quite different crystals. Until I found one (pale violet, but great color), it was also too overwhelming for me.

For me, Nuummite works wonders, if we talk about protection and grounding. I can't compare it with any other crystal. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

by: Maria

Hi! I am an empath as well and I have the same response to Pyrite. With me I just have to look at a picture of it and I get a headache. I wanted to thank you for sharing, as I didn't know why I have that response to it.

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