Programming Crystals Methods That Prove Successful.

by Vivien

This isn't so much a Crystal story as a question. I have quite a few lovely crystals & I do tend to keep most of them together in my bedroom. But what I would really like advice on is... for your crystal to work you need to programme it.

I always hold my crystal under cold running tap water to clean it first, and then hold it in my hand to concentrate on what I want to use it for. But I don't seem to be getting far with this. Can anyone help me here please. - Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you all.

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Successfully Programming Crystals
by: Liz ~Site Writer & Owner

Thanks for your question Vivien. It is of value to program crystals, so that you can use them in a more specific way, for a particular purpose. Its actually quite easy to do and you would do this during meditation. The main thing before you program your crystal is to work out what your purpose is... in other words the specific way you would like this crystal to benefit you.

This topic is covered in my article on crystal meditation, so read through that first and then sit down and work out affirmations that you might like to use as a program. Using affirmations means that you actually know what you are programming into your crystal, rather than it being a vague feeling based program which may end up being not as useful.

This was a good question, as it is a helpful way to utilize your crystals. Enjoy using your newly programmed crystals!

Love and light Liz

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