Question about Magnesite.

by Janice Suria Quinn
(Toronto, ON Canada)

I LOVE my little Magnesite, the problem is it's making a lot of my other stones pale, I just figured it out.

When it was in a pocket with Blue Apatite, the one side of the Apatite stone was white.....and I know my Apatite stones well, never white marks on one side.....and something has been making all my fluorite's pale.....

The Magnesite has a lot of Mg, and dyes easily, but I find no white color or dust on my fingers, but have to decide whether to use this alone and keep it covered or ditch it.

I really love the stone because it keeps my body warm, and someone else mentioned their hair and nails grow like crazy....but if it has that much dye on it, how can I infuse that energy into water by taping it outside of a water bottle? I can't do that!

Has anybody else discovered this problem?

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Magnesite Can Be Powdery
by: Liz, Site Owner & Writer

Hi Janice

I have a couple of different stones of Magnesite, and some are kind of powdery and some more shiny, maybe it depends where they come from. This stone is such a powerful asset to your collection that it is worth keeping, but if its disturbing you, or if you are concerned about the reaction of the stones its with, simply keep it separate.

Magnesite absorbs color easily, and what some shops sell as Turquoise is actually Magnesite dyed blue. I bought green Magnesite beads, but have never used them as I am wary of ending up with green skin from the dye coming off. LOL

If the stone is white, its not dyed as that's its natural color. So you have no need to be concerned about using it on your water bottle. It has so many great healing attributes including to aid stress and tension and to help PMS... as well as assisting headaches and constipation.

I have been keeping a piece on me since I broke my wrist to assist my bones to heal more quickly, hadn't thought of hanging one off my water bottle. Thanks for a good idea.

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