Question about Phantom Cigarette Smell & Crystal (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, & Emerald)

by Amethyst_Dreams

I just bought some crystals today & cleansed them in the sunlight before using them. I put an Amethyst, Rose quartz and Emerald in my silver spiral cage necklace. I felt calm right away and fell asleep in my room.

I woke up to a phantom smell of cigarette smoke. I do not smoke & neither does anyone in my household. I have also not been around cigarette smoke. Has anyone had a similar experience? Is there an explanation for this or do certain crystals make this happen? Would love to hear your experiences! Thanks!

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Phantom Cigarette Smell
by: Anonymous

Hi there! Yes, this has happened to me in the past, in another house we lived in. I wasn't around cigarette smoke all day, but when I was alone upstairs by myself, I would smell it. I've also had experience where I've smelled roses and even that special incense smell that you only smell at church during Christmas time.

With these experiences, it was during a time (after my grandma had passed) and I opened myself up to believing in the other side or spiritual realm Then this opened up my senses more as an empath and my psychic intuition and the belief of Angels really started coming to fruition.

I would notice these smells from time to time and any thought of what I thought it was from really connected me to it. I associated the cigarette smoke with one of my spirit guides and the smell of roses with Mother Mary. Even with thinking about it at this very moment, I can smell the cigarette smell as I know my guardian angel is with me. How did I know who was with me? Claircognizance or the thoughts of knowing.

Crazy as it sounds, I believe its true. It may be different for everyone, but with all the research I've done and the feelings I get, I can feel that it's what I believe.

Phantom Cigarette Smell
by: Jo

I am so happy to read this because I thought I was crazy. I even told my ENT that there are times I my nose smells cigarette smoke that can almost burn my nostrils and I have been unable to explain it.

I started to believe that it must be someone visiting me but couldn't put any rhyme or reason to why or whom at times it scares me because of the unknown but there are other times that I can ignore it and be calm.

I wonder if there are more than one visitors and that is why I feel that way. I have no crystals in my home but I am interested in learning more about crystals, and their properties.

Quartz Crystals emanating smoke
by: Víctor

I have a large collection of different Quartz Crystals and at times I can actually see smoke and/or heat coming from them, has anybody else experience this? Also when I hold each one of them I feel their vibration really strong.
Is this normal? Has anyone had similar experiences?

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