Raspberry Quartz

by Angela

At home, I have a small collection of crystals and fossils. I pay little attention to them now a days during my busy weeks, but I had picked up an interest in them again.

Among my collection laid a small handful of raspberry quartz. Being a believer in the paranormal and metaphysics, I researched this peculiar crystal.

After attempting to research this crystal, I found little information on both physical/chemical properties, and its healing properties. With scarce information, I had decided to use this crystal anyway to relax my overpowering curiosity.

After reading up on the few articles I could get my hands on, they say that raspberry quartz clears energy blockages and aids all seven major chakras. Just by holding this quartz, I can feel my energy begin to flow more freely. My chakras feel more open up now.I read in one of the articles that this quartz has silver, platinum, and gold vapor on the surface.

In other articles, this crystal apparently contains amethyst, goethite, and lepidocrocite. There little flakes of mica which sparkle in the light like glitter on paper. Without a doubt that this crystal is a very strong one. I have a mild headache by just holding my one inch piece of raspberry quartz!

I'm still trying to grasp what else this crystal could possibly do. I haven't tried to meditate with this crystal yet, but I plan to so when I have the time. Of all of the quartz crystals I have encountered, this one is truly unique in my opinion.

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