Rough Crystals

by Vivien
(West Midlands)

My story really is more a question. Why regardless of whatever type of stone it is - do I somehow "feel" that a "rough" crystal is more powerful than the "smooth stones"?

I have heard people say that this isn't the case, so why do I still feel that the rough ones in their natural state give off more power for healing and psychic activity. If anyone out there can help me on this one I would be very interested to hear. Many thanks Vivien.

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Rough Crystals or Stones
by: Liz's Comment

I think you could be right Vivien, in many cases. I know rough crystals of the high vibration stones are often very powerful... more so than the smooth tumbled ones.

But there are exceptions to this, as I know that the lovely Kunzite crystals that are polished are very strong... as strong as the rough. The same with Moldavite. My faceted Moldavite ring has a very strong vibration. It will almost blow your socks off at times, when its in the mood!

Though that may depend on whether the person using the stone has a need for stronger energy to come through perhaps? What do you think?

Rough or Polished Crystals
by: Anonymous

Thank you Liz for that information concerning my feelings that rough crystals give off a stronger vibration than the polished. - As soon as I can get my hands on a smooth - Moldavite and Kunzite crystal - I shall certainly try them. Many thanks indeed for you reply.

And please keep up this good site, it is very interesting, just hope that more people will send their thoughts in for us all to read - and take tips from each other. Vivien.

Could Be
by: Anonymous

It's very possible that rough crystals contain more 'energy' that smooth stones. This is because the natural vibrational energy infused into the crystalline formation has not been ruptured or disturbed by the tumbling process.

Keep in mind that naturally smoothed stones, those tumbled by the action of streams, rivers, and oceans, are actually given their own flowing energies by the natural currents of the waters they inhabited.

Therefore it is reasonable to assume that a person may feel one form of energy more than another, the 'flowing' smooth stone energy, vs. the vibrational 'rough' stone energy.

That, or all of this is mumbo-jumbo and the world does not try to impart human beings with mystical powers through inanimate shiny objects. Seems more likely to me. Generally speaking it is best to base life decisions on analytical, factual thinking, than on the 'feeling' one gets from a rock. But to each their own.

by: Anonymous

I have to agree, I also seem to be drawn to the rough crystals if they are available. I still love the smooth crystals too and can say that I have had experiences with a smooth crystal. I am quite new to crystals and to the concept of crystal energies and I will admit I didnt hold much faith in experiencing anything.

The first crystal I bought was a smooth clear quartz. I was skeptical of this idea of crystals having any sort of influence on us but thankfully my crystal stopped that quick.

The first night, I put that crystal under my pillow, and my dreams that night were so vivid and when I woke up I could remember everything in my dream. With that crystal under my head, suddenly I experienced dreams like I never had before. I figured it was in my head but the next few nights the same thing occurred so on the 4th night I took the crystal out from under my pillow and put it in the other room.

That night without a crystal, my dreams went back to the normal dreams I have always had. The crystal had changed my dreams and in that moment, that crystal made me a believer. I feel privileged to have been allowed to experience only a small piece of the big picture of what crystals are capable of. It is an amazing gift to be allowed to experience that crystal energy.To experience something beyond scientific reasoning it has opened my heart and my eyes to a whole new world full of possibilities again, just like when I was a kid.

This really was a true blessing from the universe for me to have hope and faith in something else beyond us since there is still so much more for us to discover, experience, and learn from in this world. It is silly to rule out any possibilities at this point, merely based upon our primitive science because it cannot even to begin to measure, define, replicate or explain it. That is reason for hope!

Faceted, rough and smooth stones
by: Dorothy

Sometimes the size of a larger crystal gives off more energy. Rough stones are natural and have wonderful energy, and smooth stones can be grouped for more energy. Faceted stones give off a great deal of energy. A terminated rough stone can direct energy.

I guess you have to use the stone, feel it's energy and use it thus. And the energy will adjust to your need of it. Sometimes you will need a certain stones energy, and sometimes not.

Cleansing is necessary to get the full energy out of the stone. I put stones on Selenite to charge and clear them, or I have a large crystal cluster for that purpose, but there are various other ways to clear stones. You can program and give your intention to the stone too. There are lots of ways to use your crystal friends.

I agree
by: Anonymous

I agree 100%, I'm no expert by any means, but I prefer the rough natural compared to polished I guess because its natural, man has not altered with it. I was given 2 "raw" fire agates a year or so ago.

I had and still have a clear quartz and have always been intrigued by quartz and crystals but never really looked into it much. I just knew certain types, such as the fire agate, always caught my eye and when I saw the 2 fire agates my friend had and immediately asked him if I could have one or both of them. He gave me one then but kept the other one which I liked the look of more.

He eventually gave it to me and I looked up the meaning of fire agate and was astonished at how accurate it matched up to me in more ways than one. I still have the quartz and fire agates till this day and more than likely if you see me I have them in my pocket together. Sorry for going off topic and thank you.

How to collect
by: DJ

I believe stones or crystals and gems are not meant to be bought for yourself but for others, friends and family. I believe they are supposed to find you when the time is right not the other way around.

It is a more special occasion in my experience, because it is like the universe is speaking out to you and giving you a gift as well from the person giving it to you. I feel like when someone has given you a stone, crystal or gem there is usually a deeper meaning behind it, related to a certain topic/issue that you are dealing with at that moment.

It could also be what the universe is projecting back to you. Either way it makes makes the connection between you and the stone, crystal or gem even stronger because it is a gift from both the universe and from someone who truly cares about you. But it has to be given to you of their own free will. They cannot be tricked in giving it to you.

I cannot explain it in words, but the best way I can explain it is that these things are alive, ancient, mystic, experienced and so much more. If there is a stone, crystal, quartz or gem that you really need in particular, that will help you in your life, I believe in one way or another, it WILL find you.

It doesn't seem right to acquire them with money for ourselves but rather to acquire them for someone you feel worthy to respect it and treasure it. I don't buy stones, they are given to me by friends and by my friends friends.

It makes the acquired collection meaningful and special by slowly adding the a few precious gifts from mother earth passed down to you instead of having a large collection. Sometimes a in a collection there are certain stones or crystals owned that have no use to the owner. These wonderful gifts which should really have been appreciated on a deeper level from the beginning rather than owning something cause it looks pretty or shiny.

If a gem or quartz crystal is collecting dust it should be passed on to a friend who might have better use for it. I know it sounds crazy not being able to buy something that you like or really need to help you. So in my case once a year on my birth day I do go buy something for myself. I let my friends and family know what I want for my birth day and they give me money and I buy what I want, kinda like a gift card. I usually buy as much as I can. Lol. Thank you for reading my opinion.

Sharing and Intuition
by: MD

I believe that we're here and now in order to learn and evolve so, sharing whichever that can add on our search for it is honorable.

When we feel moved to give a stone or crystal to someone purely from our intuition and/or desire to help it's as much as powerful as buying a crystal or a stone to ourselves when we're moved by the same feelings besides vanity or ego.

It's our great inner self giving us guidance to useful tools and or knowledge that can facilitate our own evolution and the others thus it's as powerful as anything existing and coming from the sublime consciousness.

5 gram faceted vs 20 gram rough moldavite?
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am new to crystals and to moldavite. In an article Liz said her guide told her faceted is much more powerful than rough. Can you please ask your guide what is the ratio of that "more" powerful. Example: 5 grams faceted vs 20 grams rough moldavite. Which one is more powerful?

What about shape of the faceted, does that have any relevance? example: 5 faceted vs 10 faceted, etc. Or does it depend on the person using it?

I am looking forward to your answer.

Thank you

Its in its natural form!
by: Ginersnap

My thoughts on this topic lean towards if the crystal is in its natural form one would think that it's energy is at its full strength. Reason being it has not come into contact with any impurities.

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