Kunzite Crystal...

Heals Emotions Creates Loving Relationships

Pink KunzitePink Kunzite

Kunzite are strong healing crystals for the emotions, and create loving relationships, as your life fills with love on all levels.

These stones are lovely heart based crystals that encourage the energy of love to fill your life.

This light pink crystal has an energy that it aids you to resonate with love, including being able to experience the love of the Great Divine spirit.

Its vibration helps you to heal emotional problems as you release negative feelings and relieve panic and fear.

This stone has strong metaphysical properties that aid you to lift your mood and to help you to heal emotional problems, such as anxiety and stress.

Where Is It From?

This pink stone has been found in a number of locations including the USA, Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, Australia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is a variety of Spodumene, and it comes in various colors including yellow, green and a lovely lilac color. 

Some stones may include both colors within the one specimen, as they often occur together. They may also occur in combination with Zoisite. The stone may be semi-translucent, clear or quite opaque.

Pendants made from these stones are very popular, as they make lovely jewelry, although it is a difficult stone to facet, as it has perfect cleavage.

Lilac Kunzite has a higher vibration and resonates within the third eye, crown and soul star chakras.

Aids Love On All Levels, Releases Negative Feelings

The green and yellow-green Kunzite stones are called Hiddenite, and these are also very lovely heart chakra and thymus or higher heart chakra based crystals.

The pink stones encourage you to open yourself to unconditional love. You may balance your emotions and feel more open and trusting, when you allow this vibration to help you to open yourself to love on all levels, including self love.

They stimulate love to flow within relationships and with close friends and family, love of nature and of animals and Divine love.

KunzitePale Pink Kunzite Crystal

The energy of this lovely pink crystal is very heart based, and the vibration of the Pink Kunzite Crystal will open the heart in many ways. This stones energy may make you aware that you are one with the Divine mind.

When you become at one with the energy of Divine love, all other love in your life begins to change, as you resonate with the pure energy of the great Divine Spirit.

The feelings that this crystal generates will improve your life on many levels, as you align yourself with the energy of Universal love.

As this stone contains lithium, this aids it to be calming to the emotions, so they supply an excellent means to relieve your stress.

Joy, happiness and love will flow through your life

As this happens, loving energy will flow out from you into the world, as you go about your daily activities.

As you open both your heart and your higher heart chakras, you will be open to allowing joy to flood into your being.

There are many lonely people in the world, and this crystal assists you to become aware that you are never alone.

Realize that the love of the Great Divine Spirit or Universal Mind is there always.

As you embrace this knowledge and allow this joy and happiness to flood your being, you may also allow yourself to heal on all levels, especially emotionally.

Why Would You Use It?

This is not only a stone for the heart chakra, but it is also a stone that resonates within the higher heart chakra.  It will also align these chakras with the throat chakra and the third eye, to help create loving thoughts and an outflow of loving communication.

Many of you may have deep issues from your childhood or early life, or even past lives, that make you feel that you are unloved.

By opening up to the source of pure Divine love, you may allow yourself to heal on the deepest levels of your being.

Kunzite is a strong stone that may help you to heal your inner child, and release the past, and any fear based around past issues that may be holding you back.

Then you may live each day like a child does, open to the enjoyment of the experiences that come your way, and naturally excited at what life offers.

Who Should Use It?

It may benefit you to learn easy meditation ideas, as one of the loveliest ways to use this stone is in meditation.

It is a crystal that will aid you to achieve deeper states of meditation, and is a wonderful stone to use as it brings such a lovely joyful vibration through.

During your meditation you may combine Kunzite with other stones to help you to make contact with spiritual beings or guides that may aid you.

If you have difficulty getting into meditation, you may like to use a guided meditation to help you. These meditations will guide you to relax and they also have lovely music that helps you to relax.

These crystals will also stimulate the birth of creative ideas, and their energy may aid you overall to enhance your creativity.

Using them regularly may also assist you to be open to listen to constructive criticism. Their energy encourages you to get intuitive messages through, and you may find that you get information through from your higher self more swiftly.

During these sessions you may be aided to develop your intuition.

How To Use It... Wearing This Crystal

Kunzite jewelry, including lovely pendants, is easy to buy and pleasant to wear, and if you wear this stone close to the heart chakra it will be highly beneficial.

Kunzite PendantLavender Pink Kunzite Crystal Pendant

Earrings, pendants and other jewelry made from this stone is becoming very popular.

This may be because it is a Leo birthstone as well as a Scorpio and Taurus birthstone.

This stones strong high vibration may help to dissolve problems in relationships that have been obstacles to creating a better relationship. 

Lovely pieces of jewelry made form this stone can be colored pink, green or yellow, may be bought reasonably easily.

This includes lovely pink pendants and rings made from this stone, as they are one of the more well-known zodiac birthstones.

All of these are excellent to wear, as they will vibrate easily within the chakras close to them. These pink crystals are perfect to give as a love gift, as using its energy will make you truly loving.

Although the yellow and green stones are known as Hiddenite, they may be found selling as Kunzite, particularly as birthstones. 

Aids The Vibration Of The World To Lift

Kunzite Crystal is a lovely stone to use in meditation and beautiful to wear. Each of you needs to be more loving, including loving yourself, and this is an excellent stone to assist you to do this.

Lilac KunziteLilac Kunzite

The world needs more love, and by bringing through love in a higher more spiritual Divine way, you may aid the vibration of the world to lift.

It may also stimulate your sensitivity and sensuality, and combined with its loving vibration, this may create a more loving relationship.

"Love grows by giving. The love we give away, is the only love we keep. The only way to retain love is to give it away." Elbert Hubbard.

Combining It With Other Stones

To elevate your mood, and to increase the level of good vibrations in your body, you might combine this pink stone with Lemurian Crystals or Smithsonite.

They both will accentuate the loving vibration of this stone and they are powerful used together. Kunzite's sister stone, the green variety called Hiddenite is another stone that brings through the vibration of love.

As well as with Lemurian Seed Crystals, you may also like to combine Kunzite Crystal with any of the heart chakra or higher heart chakra stones.

This includes other pink stones like Eudialyte, Rose Quartz, Morganite, Pink Tourmaline, Pink Rhodochrosite, Tugtupite and Rhodonite to help you to bring through a stronger loving vibration.

You may combine it with other stones that contain lithium, such as Lilac Lepidolite, Yellow Amblygonite or Lithium Quartz, to help with emotional problems, such as depression, anxiety and stress.

If you use it with Lapis Lazuli or Iolite Stones, it will assist your mind to be more receptive to the love energies of the Kunzite Crystal.

The beautiful Pink Lazurine crystal has a very similar vibration to this stone, so they make a good pairing to use. Add in the energy of Magnesite stone, to aid self love and add joy and happiness.

By using Pink Kunzite Crystal with one of the high vibration crystals, which may also be known as high crystal energy stones, including Nirvana Quartz, Heulandite, Natrolite, Tanzanite, Scolecite and Phenacite, this will assist you to open yourself up to the energy of the higher spiritual realms.

You may choose to use any of the green heart chakra stones with it, including Green Selenite, Gaia Stone, Moldavite, Green Tourmaline, Chrysocolla, Anyolite, Variscite and Emeralds, or with Crocoite or Lepidocrocite as they also combine well with it.

Photos Of Kunzite

KunziteKunzite Crystal

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New Crystals Or Stones...

When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones.

To begin with, it is best to combine various stones for short periods, as each individual may react differently.

Knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.